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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Be Fearless

Hello guys! So, just this afternoon, I stumbled across a booth in Plaza Indonesia that sold 'Bracelet of Hope' in support for cancer awareness. They sold bracelet for a hundred thousand rupiah each and all the profit will be given to cancer foundations in Indonesia. Knowing that what they did is for a good cause, I immediately bought it and also wrote a message supporting the cancer patients.

So, I thought that, why didn't I do something by myself as well? Inspired by the 'Bracelet of Hope' and for some personal reasons too, I decided to run my own movement to #befearless. 

In conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I am selling sets of postcards (4 cards in one set) related to cancer and #befearless movement. The price per set is IDR 20,000 and 30% of the profit will be donated to Yayasan Kanker Payudara Jakarta.

Selling will start today October 24th until 31st. The postcards will then be printed and delivered to your address via JNE. After that I will not stock any of the design for sell, so order it while you are still in time ^^

To order, you may contact me, Fili directly through SMS (0819-325-99667) or LINE (flyingfili). Thank you so much for the support guys! Also, if you are interested in the 'Bracelet of Hope', you can find them here.

"It is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars." - Richard Evans. 

Cheers, filicia

Monday, October 06, 2014


Finally, i have time to write several posts. I was busy managing an event of my faculty. But, I will not talk about that event, i will share about new cafe in my hometown.

I went back to hometown last holiday. Well, my hometown isn't a big city. It's a little difficult to find beautiful cafe to have a chit chat with friends. But, a new cafe,named THE THA was opened 2 weeks ago before i back. So, I asked my friend to visit and have a little chit chat in there.

Caffè The Tha is located in Jln Merdeka Barat, Pontianak. It has minimalist interior design with beautiful white and blue color. I admit that this is my favorite cafe in hometown since there is not so many beautiful cafes in town. Me and my friend were visiting on weekdays and it was no so crowded, so i can enjoy the cafe and take some photos freely \^^/

Btw, I was searching about THE THA in Instagram and Facebook and i found that there is another THE THA in Harapan Indah, Bekasi, West Java. It's actually the first before in my hometown.

THE THA Parfait - IDR 18,000

THE THA Partfaits is available in 3 flavors, Chocolate, Strawberry and Mango. As a chocoholic, i chose the chocolate flavor. This Parfait consists of ice cream, coco crunch crumble, cornflakes crumble and pudding on the bottom. It's actually has whip cream on top, but it was out of stock on that day.

Cookies and Cream Snow Ball - IDR 20,000

This food was ordered by my friend. It's cute actually, but we had no idea how to eat or drink it hahaha. There is a ball-shaped ice cream on top and vanilla milk in the glass. 

Money Bag- IDR 18,000

Money bag is actually a lumpia, but they serve in the different way. I forgot what is inside this food, but i'm sure there is chicken and some vegetable. The outside is so crunchy. And, there is the sauce on spoon. 

Mini cute flower on table. 

Pictures of Santorini hanging on wall. 

Having chit chat with my friends is one of obligatory things to do in hometown, but sometimes we have no place to do that. So, I hope for another new cafe like this in hometown when i was coming back again. :D 

Yeey! Yelny! 

Pontianak : Jln. Merdeka
Pontianak,West Borneo

Bekasi: Transera Waterpark - Food Court Chakalaka
Jl. Harapan Indah - Boulevard Utara, Sektor VI, Kav. 5 Pusaka Raya, Bekasi

also on Facebook and Instagram 

Friday, October 03, 2014


Both of us turned twenty years old this year. It is a huge deal for us as our age start no longer with '1' but with '2' (ciyeee...kepala dua sekarang). It is obviously a milestone for us and a real blessing to be able to spend twenty years and counting on this planet.

Yelny turned twenty last May and being a fan of handwritten letter, that's what I gave to her firstly. I simply wrote my thoughts on pieces of paper that I scrap from my notebook. As for the envelope, I made it out of a piece of magazine paper ((the fashion spread)). And also I paste a cupcake illustration I got from a brochure back then.

Also, some doodles and quote to complete the letter ^^

The next is a postcard. Actually, per her request, I sent her a postcard when we were on semester break. Sadly, it never made it to her home in Pontianak. That's why I am sending her a new one this time around. I tucked it inside the magazine that I borrowed from her. Though it took days for her to finally discover it.

Including the hashtag #yelnysudah20 meaning Yelny is already 20 (years old). She is not a fan of Winnie-the-Pooh though, I just happened to have a Pooh sticker with birthday theme.

And lastly, my 'gift'. Lol. Not an actual gift though because on the midnight of her birthday, I took her phone and flooded her own instagram and twitter with silly pictures, words and stuff (sorry Yelny ><). On the morning, I gave it back to her, beautifully placed in a box and wrapped hehe. I use two pieces of magazine paper as the base, cover it with a doily paper and finish it with yellow ribbon. 

The birthday girl preparing to go out for lunch. ^^

Anyway, we still have lots of things related to both of us being twenty, so you might want to check the label 'TWENTY' and see how we celebrate the special day.

Cheers, filicia.