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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jakarta Culinary Passport

Playing catch-up with the events worth reviewing yet I have not gotten the time to. This time around, it is a pop-up food bazaar held in the fifth floor of Grand Indonesia called 'Jakarta Culinary Passport'. 

Recently, there has been lots and lots of pop-up bazaars on weekends. I guess it has been the trend these days. The plus point is it opens up business opportunity for entrepreneurs. But the minus point is my wallet will end up crying lol. The tenants usually come from the online shops that we can only see in instagram on daily basis. So, it is fun to actually see them coming together and taste it on the spot.

Unlike the usual bazaars, this time around we have to pay IDR 10,000 in order to enter the venue. Nonetheless, as you can see, the place is still packed and many of the food stalls are filled with people queuing. 

Especially because I went there on Sunday night, there are lots of people looking for good food and drinks ((including me)). But then again, the place is not that big, so it is quite uncomfortable to walk here and there.

Now, talking about the food, my friend ordered this Churros ((which I have tried before during the Market & Museum - Surprise Kitchen)). I love Churros because they have similar dough and cooking process with donut. I also love the sugar and cinnamon sprinkles, yum!

I forgot on which stall did I buy this. But the bun is similar to bakpao, only this time they arrange it like sandwich. The meat is okay but the bun is too thick for my liking.

Got to be my favorite, this satay cost around IDR 30,000 if I am not mistaken. It is not an ordinary satay because it is fused with Arabian taste. There are other fusion too but I can barely remember except the Japanese one. 

And also, the infamous Puyo silky dessert drink. Refreshing obviously, but a little to sweet for my taste bud. The pudding though reminds me of egg pudding you can easily find in tea shop.

And also, never forget to take pictures of ourselves ^^ I went there with my brother and his friend and the sister who is the same age as me.

Cheers, filicia.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Everything is Connected

Some months ago, when I still have plenty of time to write and do mail art, I took part in the project started by Rehana on her blog and on instagram as well. You can read the post about the project here. The postcard arrived to my place around last May and here is how it looked like at first.

(image via barnes&noble website)
I have always had a huge interest on books written by Keri Smith. But then up until now, I still have not got the chance to buy or try any. So, to be able to participate in one of the project is extremely fun.

Due to the very limited time, I did not do much for my postcard. All I did were just writing down my name and doodling pictures on it. Not creative at all, I know.

Anyway, here is the back side of the postcard. It seems like Rehana has mistaken my name ^^ Jalan means Street in English and it is actually part of the address.

And what is the instruction for this postcard? Well, this postcard works as an unofficial currency or money for me to buy and trade something to someone else. 

Well, guess who was I giving this postcard to? It is none other than Yelny! Haha. She was and probably is still confused what did I 'buy' from her. Let's say that I was buying the doughnut lesson that she taught me back then. Haha!

And the fun thing is that the postcard was actually posted on the day of her 20th birthday! Coincidence? 

Cheers, filicia.

P.S. Thanks Rehana for letting me to take part in the project. Sorry I didn't do that much on the postcard and it obviously took me forever to post about this. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Where Have You Been?

Greetings from the two of us (and a blurry picture of Fili just for the sake of keeping it a surprise)

We are terribly sorry that we have been away for this past 2 weeks or so. New academic have year just started and we were both trying to adjust the university schedule with our life in general. Though it sounds very simple, it can be pretty challenging as we are fed up with the deadline of our projects and the responsibility we had as events' committee.

We are trying our best to arrange our schedule and hopefully to get back and post things regularly on the blog. We miss blogging so much! Really. And we have had plans for upcoming blog posts. So please wait for a little while and come back regularly to check our new posts ;)

Meanwhile, you may take a look at the decoration I planned with my decor team for the closing night of my university's student orientation. (hint: more pictures on instagram!)

Yeey, cheers!

Friday, September 05, 2014

Detox Water

Hi! I'm enjoying my holiday in hometown. Eat and sleep are the best things to do during holiday haha. I eat and sleep a lot. Mom cooks best foods and friends invites to do culinary hunting. Mom's and hometown's foods are the best! (I will post about hometown's foods asap :)) I eat a lot and gain weight :(. So, a week ago, i decided to make Detox Water. It's famous lately. I made it for destroying my fats (I hope it happens haha). I used small Ball jar, filled it with mineral water and half of the apple. I kept it on refrigerator for a night (8-10 hours) and drunk in the morning. The taste is a little bit weird on the first tried, but it was a very refreshing drink. After I finished it, i refilled the water and I did the same way. 2 times refills are enough as the apple is worse and darker. I'm going to make the same in the different fruits such as strawberry, kiwi, lemon, mint and other. Mix 2/3 fruits can also be done. It's not so difficult, is it? Let's drink and stay healthy!

Yeey, Yelny!

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Bazaar Art Jakarta

Harper's Bazaar is one of the prominent magazine in Indonesia. It proudly presents one of the biggest event which is annual celebrations of art, Bazaar Art Jakarta 2014. It was held on July 18-20, 2014 in Ritz Calton Ballroom, Pacific Palace.

When I was entering the Pacific Palace mall, I felt so WOW. I said "It's AWESOME!" to my sis again and again. Many great artworks displayed in the mall. It made me curios how many are the artwork in the ballroom. So, i went to the ballroom quickly.

The artworks in the ballroom are really great and artistic. Its come from many countries such as Indonesia, China, Singapore, Korea and many more. I spent 1,5 hours to walk around, and I still not satisfied as I only see 3/4 of all. And, I went there too late, some of the artworks have been stored. I won't talk too many, but I will share many photos.

Please note that I am NOT an art expert. I categorize the artworks based from my opinion.


(Click Play to see the action of the artwork)



Black And White



Painting and Illustration


3 Dimensional 

Interior Design



Forgive me, I can't explain the artworks one by one as I'm not an art expert and it will take a super long time to write and read. Also, i swear you will very bored to read my explanation haha. I hope those artworks could be your inspiration.
Yeey, Yelny!