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Friday, August 29, 2014

Favorite Cooking Channel

Everybody loves food, don't you? I love food too. And, i love making food. Though i am not good enough, i'm excited to do it. I learn cooking from my mom, cooking show on tv and most from youtube. Well, I've watched many recipe tutorials on youtube, from Western to Japanese. I started to watch since 2012, and now it has become my favorite videos on youtube haha. SO, I'm going to share my favorite cooking channel that i subscribe and watch (almost) everyday.

1. Cooking With Dog 

Cooking with dog is my first favorite cooking channel. You guys might see a cute dog in every video. His name is Francis. But, keep calm, the dog will not bark or doing something messy. He calmly sits next to Japanese Chef  whose real name is disclosed, so, just call her Oba-chan (aunty in Japanese ). And, he narrates the recipes step by step in English. How cute! Cooking with dog is the first cooking channel i subscribed. I've watched almost all of the videos. I love the way when Oba-chan cooks. She cooks cleanly, simple and easy to learn. This channel has started since 2007 and now it has more than 100 videos now. Let's check this channel every week, because a new video was uploaded every Friday! 

2. Honeysuckle Catering

Honeysuckle Catering was made by Dzung, a Vietnamese girl who lives in California. I love her video concept. It's feminine with suitable backsounds. It makes me like watching a cooking TV show. She cooks cleanly, simple and easy to learn too. Btw, not only recipes, but she also makes some lifestyle video like party, picnic, gift ideas and many more. Honeysuckle Catering also has blog (click here to visit the blog) for those who are prefer blog than videos. 

3. Eugenie Kitchen 

Through the name, you must be know who made this channel. Yes, a Korean named Eugenie. She studied French cooking in Paris. I love her kitchen so much, it's all white, so beautiful, right? Eugenie kitchen has so many cakes, desserts and no bakes no oven dessert recipes. I like no bakes no oven dessert recipes from her as it's easier to do haha. Anyway, she shares her recipes on blog too (click here to visit the blog). Let's check her new video every Tuesday and Thursday.

4. Kitchen Tigress

As a Chinese-Indonesian who speaks Teochew (Chinese dialect) and eats Teochew Cuisine, it's really difficult to find Teochew Cuisine recipes on youtube, SO, i'm very happy found this channel. Kitchen Tigress made by Singaporean. The foods from the channel might be not familiar to you, but do not hesitate to try it, it's delicious! Anyway, this channel is a little bit unique because it has no narrator, and I'm a little difficult to download the video because the subtitle is only from youtube. But, don't worry, Kitchen Tigress also shares the recipes on blog (click here to visit the blog).

5. Ochikeron

Ochikeron is another Japanese Cooking Channel in my favorite list. It was made by a beautiful Japanese girl named Ochi . She makes cute cake and food, like hello kitty bento, pinguin onigiri and many more. And, i found many cute cooking stuff in the video, and it makes me asdfghj ><! Besides Japanese dish and cake, she also shares some vegetarian food. Anyway, i found another unique things from this channel,  Ochi dances Hula (Hawaiian Dance) and she uploads her hula dance in youtube. Enjoy Ochikeron's new video every Tuesday and Friday. Read her recipes and hula dancing in her blog too (click here to visit the blog).

6. Allrecipes

Thought I'm Asian, i like western food, such as pizza, pasta, steak and many more. Allrecipes is not only a youtube channel, but it's a digital food brand. It has many western food and beverage, from easy to difficult recipes. It also has Allrecipes Magazine, but unfortunately it's not free :(. Check the recipes from Allrecipes on the website (click here to visit the website)

7. Koki ku TV

I think KokiKu (My chef) TV is a very nice youtube channel for Indonesian as the chefs speak in Bahasa haha. It's easier to Indonesian to learn the recipes. Koki ku means My Chef. You might find many Indonesian food recipes, but Asian and Western food are also uploaded. Kokiku TV has nice website (click here to visit the website) which shares about recipes, news and tips.  

The foods look delicious, don't they?  Let's try to make these food in weekends or holiday. Anyway, I hope you are NOT watching this at night because it will make you dying haha. Sometimes, i try to make the food after I watched it, i will share my food in another post. Also, I will share more about foods.

Yeey, Yelny!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Homey Cafe Tanjung Duren

When it comes to visiting a restaurant, there are three things that I paid attention the most. The first is the taste of the food, the second is the the ambiance of the place and the last is the place. This home restaurant is the place that wins my heart in the total in those three aspects. Aren't you curious? Okay, I am going to break down my reasons for you guys.

Premium Chicken Katsu with Rice and Salad - IDR 35,000
They served variety of food ranging from pasta, rice, noodles, etc. They also have appetizers and desserts. One of my favorite is Mozza Sticks but I didn't order it that time.

Creamy Cheese Chicken with Rice - IDR 25,000
I love how the food are simple but very yummy. Just like the name of the place, it gives you a 'homey' feeling when you ate the food. The taste is not so overwhelming and the portion is big enough to feed your hungry tummy.

Spaghetti Carbonara (my favorite!!!) - IDR 27,000
Basically, the food they have here are the food you can actually cook by yourself. But then, I am not always diligent everyday and as you can see, the price is pretty affordable. 

Frozen Peanut Butter Smoothies - IDR 22,000
They also have various beverages here. I usually ordered the "Tea of the Week" which cost me IDR 6,000. Aside of that, they also served mojito, lemonade, coffee, chocolate, etc. But my favorite got to be smoothies. Although I ordered peanut butter that time, but I prefer the quatro chocolate more. 

Now that I have told you the first and last reason.You might as well see the inside of this restaurant. It is pretty spacious and not to mention, comfortable. The restaurant is mostly decorated with vintage picture in frames. They also have private room with minimum order, perfect for celebrating birthday party! 

See that they also had two TVs here. I usually sat down for at least one movie in HBO or one episode of 'The Amazing Race' on Saturday night. Oh, and did I say customers can change the channel by themselves? The service here is also pretty nice and the waiters are helpful.

Also, this can be a perfect place to discuss about your latest Brave Frontier update. Lol. That's my brother and his friend who never missed to talk about this game everyday they met up.

Cheers, filicia.

Homey Cafe & Resto
Jl. Tanjung Duren Utara no. 464
West Jakarta
also on facebook

Monday, August 25, 2014

Market Museum: Surprise Kitchen

One of the hippest and most popular pop-up markets nowadays was coming back. Market & Museum was coming back on last May with a new theme, SURPRISE KITCHEN. This market is food market with many variants such as snacks, dessert, sauces and many more. Yelny was very impatient to visit it because she didn't come to the previous Market & Museum's event.

Surprise Kitchen also held on 5th floor of Grand Indonesia mall. It was coming back with more tenants than the previous one. Oh, and most of them gave free food to try. We like trying new foods haha.  Also, we love taking pictures of food as it's one famous things these days :D.

 Molten Lava Cake with 5 flavors: Chocolate, Mocha, Orange, Taro, and Green tea.

Lovely Mickey Cupcake with Oreo flavor

Poached Egg Pastry with half-cooked egg on top

Cute Tokyo Banana and Steamed Cup Cake


Sweet and Crunchy Churros

Cute and Creative wallpaper design. Isn't it?

Photo Booth area with cute and unique decoration

The foods are not so expensive, about 15k-100k. And, most of tenants' products were sold out before they are close. Visitors were also happy with their foods.
Surprise Kitchen was ended up successfully as Market & Museum always brings great concepts. Also, it provides popular tenants with good quality. Btw, it was coming back again on last weekend ( August, 15-17). We were so sad when saw the date, because Yelny is having her holiday in hometown and Fili was busy with her projects. But, we know that Market Museum is coming back again with another greater concept. Tons of lucks! ^^

 Yeey! Cheers!

Friday, August 22, 2014

K-Poppin! : 7 Underrated Summer 2014 Tracks That You Should Listen

Hi guys! If you know me, you know that I am an avid K-pop fan. I have listened to K-pop ever since 2008, and still can't get over it. SO, it is just natural that I go all giddy and excited to write about K-pop on this blog. Well, even though the feature is called K-Poppin!, I will not only talk about K-pop, but in the future I might also talk about Korean music in general, Korean TV series, Korean shows and anything related to Korean culture.

(image via SMTOWN on Facebook)

So, for the first K-poppin! I am going to talk about 7 tracks that you should listen this summer 2014! While you might be familiar with tracks that won music shows, you might have little to no idea about the songs that I am going to mention after this.

Please note that I am NOT a music or k-pop expert. Anything stated in this post is based solely from my subjective opinion.

1. Shin HyeSung ft. Lyn - Buen Camino

First up is a song that was first released in 2005 by Shin HyeSung himself featuring Kang Suji. For his 10th debut anniversary, he comes up with the project 'Once Again' in which he will remake and re-release his old songs. This is actually my first time listening to 'Buen Camino' and I had no idea that it was a remake of an old song. When I first listened to it, I just fell in love. The song is unlike the usual K-pop as the genre is more like bossanova. I never thought that I will love this genre! But listening to the beautiful voices of Hyesung and Lyn, I think I just melted. It gives me a calm and soothing vibe. Even if you are unfamiliar with bossanova, please give this song a try!

2. Lucky J - Can You Hear Me?

I have very little idea about this group. I discovered them from KBS Music Bank and totally loving it. Turns out that they have just debuted and they are a co-ed group which is a bit rare in K-pop scene. Loving Jessi's voice, even in the live shows, and it really complements the boys' voices. Looking forward to what they will bring in the future.

3. HIGH4 with Lim Kim - A Little Close

For me, they are such a perfect combination. Lim Kim has been gaining popularity since her debut last year and HIGH4 too is slowly getting into K-pop scene though they have not officially debuted yet. I love both singers and super happy to find out their collaboration. Obviously the collaboration is not disappointing at all. Loving their unique voices, simple dance moves and fun song.

4. Ulala Session x IU - Summer Love

This is a perfect combination! Absolutely not your typical K-pop songs, but super unique and fun! I am really hoping that there is an official MV for this song. Nonetheless, it is a very fun song, it has an upbeat music and it certainly boosts my spirit. Hopefully yours too ;)

5. B.I.G - Hello

Again, thanks to KBS Music bank, I actually got to discover lots of unique music and singers. This group had me at their song lyric. Lol. I think this is the first time I have ever gotten into a group because of the song lyric. I mean, K-pop song lyrics are in Korean and I barely understand anything. But I happened to watch the music show with English lyric translation that time. I literally laugh while reading the lyric as it talks about Korea's dishes and also the word 'Hello' in several languages. Of course it is also helped by the upbeat music and great dance performance.

6. MAMAMOO - Mr. Ambiguous

I have listened and watched some of their pre-debut songs before, so they have actually gained my attention before the release of "Mr. Ambiguous". But it is this song that make me settled. And I think I have never seen that much K-pop singers showing up in an MV (maybe beside Psy). The MV kinda reminded me of SNSD's "Hoot" and Wonder Girls' "Nobody". But the song itself is really good and catchy and also each of them have such a beautiful voice. And even though I don't know the meaning behind the group's name I kinda love it and how the name is implemented into the song lyric.

7. Henry - Fantastic

Well people, Henry is no longer that maknae of Super Junior-M. Ever since his solo debut with "Trap", he has proven his amazing music and performance skills. The thing that I love about Henry is how he incorporate classical music into the K-pop songs. He has used piano in "Trap" and now with violin in "Fantastic". This is certainly a good song and if you are interested you can check out "Henry's Real Music" where he played a piano duet with Yiruma, performed "Fantastic" in string quartet, etc.

(image via SMTOWN on facebook)

Well, that's quite a lot of video and explanation, isn't it? But I hope you enjoy my music review. For more summer tracks, I would recommend you: SISTAR's "Touch My Body", Block B's "H.E.R", Girls Day's "Darling", B1A4's "Solo Day", HyunA's "Red", JYJ's "Backseat", GOT7's "A", and more! Is there any summer track that didn't make it to the list, please share your favorite summer jam on the comment section.

Also, one fun thing that has been happening among K-pop artists, the #IceBucketChallenge! Check out the artists who have taken the challenge in support of raising the awareness of ALS here.

Cheers, filicia!

Monday, August 18, 2014


Online reading is our favorite things to do. Blog and online magazine (besides social media :P)  are our favorite. Incidentally, this event was held by Indonesia's fashion and lifestyle online magazine,  

FIMELAFest 2014 was held in last May in Kota Kasablanka mall, Jakarta. They raised the #SUPERNOVA as the theme this year. It was held for 3 days with many programs such as Seminar, Beauty Class, Hijab Tutorial (Hijab is viel for muslims), Dance Competition, Fashion Show and  Fuchsia Market. Too bad, the schedule didn't match, so we didn't join any, except the Fuchsia Market.


We were surprised when visiting this market. It was the largest market we've ever been. We found so many tenants. Fashion, cosmetic, beauty product, craft and food are here. Walking around and visiting the tenants one by one as usual, but one thing that we forgot is TAKE THE PICTURES. Sorry if we can't share many pictures of the tenants, we were too enjoying the market :(

Btw, this event is in cooperation with many Indonesia companies, which there are So KLIN, The Executive, et cetera, COLORBOX, Solaria and many more.

Walking around and visiting almost all of tenants made us hungry. haha So, we bought Kelasi (left) and Karokun (right) to fill up our hungry tummy. Kelasi is coconut ice cream on coconut shell with some toppings on top. Cute, right ? And, Korakun is satay with sesame, seaweed and sauce on top. Let's eat! :9

Overall, the market was super nice. We hope for nice or even nicer event like this next year. Hopefully we can join some programs too. See you next year, FIMELAFest !

Cheers! Yeey!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Donut Day

I don't know why but when it comes to having treats, I always always crave for doughnuts. I love donut in any forms. I mean, why are you guys so good? 

Well, I knew that donut is one of the treat I can make by frying. I searched for the recipe on the internet and tried making one by myself. And I failed! Haha. So I convinced Yelny that she should teach me how to make donuts. And the surprising thing is, we can make it even in the dormitory!!! Yuhuuu!

It turns out that the ingredients are pretty simple! The recipe is adapted from Just Try & Taste blog with some changes. Please check out the original recipe here.

Easy Fried Doughnut
(for 20 small doughnuts)

-1 sachet of instant yeast mix with 40 ml warm water until the bubble shows up. Set aside
-200 ml of milk (we mix a sachet of vanilla powder milk with 200 ml hot water and let it cool)
-1 egg
-350 gr multi-purpose flour
-50 gr sugar
-35 gr butter
-pinch of salt (optional)
-oil for cooking

Step by step:
1. First, prepare a big bowl to mix the ingredients (because we do not have any big bowl, we use the rice-cooker bowl ^^) On the bowl you can put the yeast, milk, egg, butter, salt, sugar and HALF of the flour then mix all the ingredients until it forms a dough. Then, you can add another half of the flour and knead the dough until it becomes smooth. 

2. Here is how the dough would look like. We mix them first with spoon and then knead the dough with our hands. The process did not take too long, probably around 20 minutes? Then, cover the dough with cloth or plastic (we don't have any clean cloth in dormitory on that time). Let the dough rise for about one hour.

3. Ta-da! As you may see, after an hour, the dough rises to twice its original size. 

4. Then, we can start dividing the dough into smaller parts and make the doughnut shape like this. If you would like to, you can wait for another 30 minutes or an hour so that the doughnut will rise even bigger. But if you are just too hungry and can't wait, I guarantee you that's totally fine.

5. While you are forming the doughnut shape, it might be a little sticky to your hand, so you can add some flours to the dough or to your hand. Now, you can also start boiling the oil in the frying pan.

6. Once the oil is hot enough, put in the doughnut. Wait until the color of the bottom side turns into brown, then flip it. Also fry this side until the color turns into brown. Then set it aside. It is better to set it on the top of tissue paper to remove any excess oil.

7. Hooray! Here is how the doughnuts look like after they are all fried. Well, they might not be that photogenic, but we are pretty proud of what we have made. *high-five*

Now, they look prettier, don't they? Haha, you can top it with any toppings that you like. Be it cheese, chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, whatever you like. Fun fact is, we made the doughnut just one day before the National Doughnut Day in USA. And we didn't even know there is a National Doughnut Day! 

So guys, from now on you do not have to be worry whenever you crave for doughnut because, hey, you can make it yourself! And also, the actual process doesn't take a lot of time except when you wait until the dough risen (in which you can spend by watching one episode of your favorite K-drama lol). And it is super fun to cook with your friends too. So, what are you waiting for? Let's go make some doughnuts now! 

Yeey, cheers!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Emon Kitty Cafe - Tanjung Duren

Is there any of you guys who are a fan of Hello Kitty? If yes, then you might want to visit this cute cafe in Taman Daan Mogot, West Jakarta. The place is called Emon Kitty Cafe. Though there is the word 'Emon', we are not sure if it is derived from Doraemon or probably another word or name.

Anyway, this time Fili is the one who got to visit this newly opened cafe. So, here is my review guys! The location is pretty strategic especially if you hung out around Tanjung Duren frequently.

I went there at night, and the place really caught my eyes. It is so bright and so pink and a bit girly for boys but I still manage to drag my brother to visit this place ^^

The interior is uber cute! Even though I am not a fan of Hello Kitty, I love how they went all out in decorating not only the room but also the eating utensils, little bits and pieces, etc.

As for the food, honestly there are not so much variation there. Or maybe there is, but the menu has no picture so I am not that much attracted. And even though it is a cafe, they also served main dish.

Because we are meeting our friends in other place so my brother just ordered this Nasi Uduk. It is a fragrant rice cooked with pandan leaves and coconut milk. The rice is served with fried potato, stir-fry vermicelli, spicy potato and sweet soybean-cake (tempe), a typical Nasi Uduk combination. Taste-wise, it is good but just ordinary good, not so special. But the presentation is pretty cute though, see the rice is shaped into Hello Kitty head!

As for the beverage we just ordered Aloe Vera. It is again, just ordinary drink, but it is pretty refreshing. The drink cost around IDR 10,000. And sorry the picture end up focusing more on the cup rather than the drink itself >///, can't resist, too cute.

More and more pictures of the cutesy girly interior. And hey there is Doraemon.

A candid shot of my brother enjoying his Nasi Uduk ^^

And me being a bit narcissistic haha.


Emon Kitty Cafe
Jl. Taman Daan Mogot Raya no.33
West Jakarta