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Monday, March 21, 2016

Intermezzo // 05 : counting down the days

Our life has been such a busy whirlwind juggling between designing for our thesis project, printing them out, revising the report, deciding on the merchandise, making presentation, buying tons of stuffs, visualizing the display, and basically everything that revolve around thesis. Also, plus working in the studio for Fili ((I will save that story for later)).

I kind of have a mixed feeling working on this thesis. My mood has extremely goes up and down as well as my level of productivity. It's true that I am working on something that I loved so much since I was young, it is something that I am extremely passionate about. But then again, sometimes it can be very overwhelming and I started questioning if I did make the right decision or if I did well enough to be proud of it. In one side, I feel like I want all of this to end as soon as possible, but in another side, I feel like there are gazillion things that I can do to perfect it or at least to make it better.


It's not only me, I think both Yelny and I sort of have the same feeling. I think when it will finally end up, it is going to be bittersweet. After all, this thesis marks the end journey of our three and a half years study in university. So it is kind of bitter to say goodbye to our university life, but in the same time, it is going to be so relieving to finally finish our study.

Actually, we still meet up a lot to work on our thesis together with our friend, Joan. Since I have to work three days a week which are usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we met up on my days off. We would usually pick a restaurant or mall or coffee shop and hang out there and work on our thesis. I was not a big fan of working together back then because it kinda distract me but doing this actually helped me a lot. Since we can not meet out adviser frequently, we got to exchange our opinion and suggestion to one another by working together.

While I am not working together with Yelny and Joan, I love to be accompanied by music. I feel more energized listening to the songs while singing and dancing to them. If you know me, you know I love Korean music, so it is pretty obvious that K-pop is my go to jam. This song has been on replay from my laptop or phone because I just love D.O and his voice so much. His voice has always been my favorite out of all EXO members. And this song? Just, perfect.

Unlike me, Yelny does not really listen to music when she is working on her thesis. But this is one of the songs that somehow always calm her mind when she is not having a good mood. This is not a very recent song but not that old either. And if you don't know yet, Yelny is a fan of Jay Chou. She said that Jay Chou's voice is so soothing and she especially loved this song because it has always been in her playlist from few years ago.

Okay, that's a little update from us. And bonus: here's a  wallpaper made by Yelny for the sake of thesis motivation ^^ haha. We just can't help it! We love checking our social media so much and usually it takes so much time without us realizing it. So, maybe, by seeing this on your wallpaper everyday, you can hold yourself from opening those social media and focus on working on thesis to graduate. 

We know that some of last year university students are also facing the similar situation with us. So, hold on there! Keep your spirit up! This too shall pass :)



    sumpah gue uda males banget tugas akhir pengen cepetan skip aja ke wisuda, excitement gua udah abis keburu abis buat kuliah. bagus fili kalo misalnya topik yang kepilih lu demen banget dan lu masi bisa enjoy sampe pertemuan terakhir sidang nanti, soalnya gua nggak. :))))

    1. Halo ubii! Akhirnya kami berdua uda LULUSS! Thank you for your support :))) GOOD LUCK JUGA BUAT UBI! Skripsi pasti berlalu. SEMANGAT!