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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

[Versus] Cacaote, Senopati

Hello there! We are on our second installment of Versus, the feature where we talked about our different experience visiting one same place. This time around, we are going to talk about one pretty restaurant located in Senopati, one of the hippest culinary place in Jakarta. Just by looking at the exterior, you can already see how pretty it is. The outer appearance looks a bit Victorian and princess-y to us.

Turns out that the inside do look as princess-y as the outside. If I am not mistaken, Cacaote has two floors. Both floors have a contrast vibe. On the pictures, you can see the details of the first floor that looks more girly and feminine. While on the second floor, it looks more glamorous and such.

It happened on our visit that we both went to different floor. Yelny enjoyed her dessert on the first floor during the day and Fili went to the second floor to enjoy not only the dessert but some food as well during dinner time. Either ways, we love the ambient there. The place itself is pretty big and the space between tables are distant enough to give each group of customers the needed privacy.

Some more pretty details on the first floor. Super cozy to enjoy your afternoon tea and dessert, isn't it? Also, look at those chandelier and curtains and pillows, like, everything coordinates very well,

Also, just one picture from the second floor ((huhu, sorry)). The lighting up on the second floor is a bit dimmed, to give you the much needed romantic vibe and coziness. Thus it explains that some of the pictures turn yellowish. Haha.

Now, moving on to the food, shall we? Uh oh. I am typing this in the middle of the night and I am craving for these not just pretty but delicious dessert.

First up is the battle of eclairs. Yelny ordered Crunchy Nuts Eclair for IDR 50,000 and Fili forgot already what she has ordered. lol. Both eclairs are pretty good. Fili also loved the macaron. It was pistachio flavor and it cost IDR 12,000. Love the texture of the macaron and the pistachio flavor is lovely as well. 

This one is called Intense Chocolate and cost you IDR 50,000. Just like how the name suggested, it is rich with chocolate and would be a perfect choice if you love chocolate. 

Here's the Dark Chocolate cake. I could not remember it correctly if the sides are hazelnut or popcorn. If I am not mistaken it was popcorn, but cmiiw okay? The chocolate cake is nice but the popcorn is a bit soggy, if it is a bit crunchier, I guess it would be very nice.

I also ordered the Tropical which has a good combination of sweet and sour. Also, on the bottom picture you can see another round cake which is coffee banana. As for me I do not really like the coffee banana combination because the banana is a bit too moist. 

Also, one of my friend ordered this duck sandwich. I didn't get to taste it but he said that it was nice.Well, I bet it is! hehe.

It wouldn't be complete with some beverage. I ordered Matcha Latte which turns out to be okay, because I am not a big fan of green tea and stuff. My friend ordered the selection of tea which came out in a very pretty teapot and sugar pot. What a pretty tea set. 

All in all, both of us had a pretty pleasant visit to Cacaote. The place has a very nice ambient and cozy vibe. I really wanted to spend whole day just chit-chatting or doodling in this pretty place. The desserts here are also pretty nice though not all of them are suited to our preference.

Yeey, cheers!

Jl. Senopati no. 80, Senopati, Jakarta
T: 021 2930 6127

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