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Monday, January 19, 2015

HAPPY 2015!

How is it 2015 already when we have not even finished writing the draft from our 2014's posts? Ha! I know I know, we are such a bad blogger, aren't we? We did not even post any single thing during December! Not even once T____T But we have our reason. It has been very tough during last December. Both of us even barely had time to sleep or eat, let alone blogging. We had loads of project last semester, be it group assignments or individual assignments. I think I only ate once a day and slept for four hours each night (or dawn usually), it was that crazy on that time!

We had our two-weeks holiday that cut short into only a week since we were still finishing our assignments throughout the first week of holiday (yes, even on Christmas day!). And by the time we finally finished our assignments, we had enough of Adobe and all that jazz, so we took a break from our laptop and hung out with our friends in that precious one week. We started class on January 5th, and we were supposed to be able to get back to blogging, but, guess what? I was sick during the first week of classes! All I did during that week was just lying on the bed because I felt so uncomfortable. 

But, all is well now! So, we hoped that we can get back on track and continue posting regularly, because really, I miss the blogosphere so much! We still had some posts from 2014 that we could not let slide, so this January you will still be seeing some throwback posts ^^ Oh, and before we forget, HAPPY 2015! Let's have an awesome 2015 everyone! Be positive and stay healthy! 

Yeey, cheers!

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