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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Intermezzo // 03 : Around the Web

It's the weekend again! I can not believe that we are fast approaching the end of June which means we are halfway through 2015 already! Now, talk about how fast time flies. 

Anyhow, I have been seeing lots and lots of interesting stuffs as I spend at least eight out of my twenty four hours every single day, glued to the screen with an internet connection. It is funny how the internet never really runs out of interesting things. In fact, it keeps and keeps on coming. So, I thought I would share it with you guys as well as keep it here just for the sake of memoir. 

STAY : Hotel Lokal - Jogjakarta

I have not been to this hotel before. But if I ever get the chance to go to Jogjakarta in the future, I will most definitely pick this hotel. Hotel Lokal is beautiful and artsy and looks so homey and comfortable. I have seen lots of people around the web talking about this hotel but it is not until I watched this video, it hits me spot on. I have to stay there someday. But meanwhile, I can just satisfy myself by browsing through their website.

WATCH : "I Forgot My Phone"

I just saw the video this afternoon. It is so sad, so sad because it is true. It is sad, because they said that technology defy the distance and keep you close with the other side of the world, but in the same time it also builds a distance between you and your closer company. I hope that as you watch this video, you will realize once again how your surrounding is just as important ((if not more)) as your three point five inches phone screen.

PLAY : Online Games

Ha! Yes, games for designers. I have not played all the games yet, but they are all mini games ((what do you expect from games for designers though?)) So you can quickly play one or two games in between your break. Oh, and this is totally cool for anyone too, it is just that most games are related with types, colors, and whatnot. Check them out here.

LEARN : Design Tips & Tricks

This site have a bunch of fun and educational tips and tricks about design thingy. I think this is a good source for aspiring designers and even professional designers who are stuck and looking for some inspiration. Some of the articles have become a refresher and reminder for what I have been and am doing with my design and some other are totally new and very good for my learning. 

image via
Also, on June 26th, 2015, the news broke about the same-sex marriage that is now legal in all 50 states in USA. I first grasped the news about this after my favorite bloggers on instagram constantly post rainbow filled pictures with the hashtag LoveWins. It is nice to see how the country are celebrating and majority being supportive of the decision. And what's even more fun is to see bunch of business' logo filled with rainbow ((I feel like I am unconsciously becoming a design geek lol))

Well, this round up my Intermezzo for now. What about you guys? Do you have any short video that leaves you an impact lately? Or any news that excites you? I have some good reads that I have been enjoying lately that I would like to share with you guys hopefully by next week. Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend!



  1. Oh, you'll love LOKAL, trust me! Not that I have stayed in their hotel (because I live in a guest house here) but I've tried their restaurant and it's so cozy and relaxing. It's located right next to the hotel so I guess they're not much of a different?

    Thank's for sharing the game! I'm about to play it now :D

    And oh, so happy for the #LoveWins! I hope Indonesia will be a part of this soon!


    1. I know right! I have loved it just by seeing the photos and video, it's great that you are able to try their restaurant. I believe that yes, they are not much different.

      Ah, it's still a long way to go for Indonesia to be able to reach this point like USA. But it is nice seeing the Americans celebrating #LoveWins


  2. yeah that gay marriage legalization surprised me as well, but dont you think everbody deserves their happiness? Nice post

    1. Yep I agree wit you in a way that everybody deserves happiness. But knowing that some of the state has had legalized it before, it is natural that all the states will follow through later. but political things aside, I am just happy seeing how people celebrate it :D

  3. Great post!