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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fancy Sandwichy

We have now come to the most exciting part of the tutorial: making sandwiches! Yay! It is no secret that we both love food and so do our guests. Well, without further ado, here is our simple sandwich recipe.

Plain bread, banana, chocolate jam or peanut butter, chocolate rice.

1. If your bread still have skin, you may cut them or you can leave it according to your preference.
2. Cut your bread into half on opposite direction so you will get four breads with similar square size.
3. Now cut your banana diagonally. 
4. Spread the chocolate jam over your bread.
5. Next put the banana.
6. And lastly, sprinkle some chocolate rice.

For the other variation, you can just cut your bread into half once and stack one more bread on the top. And then wrap a doily paper around it and tie it with a ribbon. 

You can now enjoy your sandwich and probably, take a picture of it first if you’d love to. Bon appetite!

Yeey, cheers!

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