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Monday, November 02, 2015

Papercutting Workshop with Tatyana Renatta by Monstore

Workshop has been popular recently. People spend their free time to learn new thing by joining a workshop, and so do we. It was actually a giveaway workshop from Monstore with Tatyana Renatta about Papercut hosted by Manual. The giveaway queen, Fili randomly joined the giveaway on instagram, and thank God, she won it (again). The giveaway was valid for 2 people, so she invited me to join the workshop with her. If you are one of the followers on her social media, you might see many posts about the winning giveaway. She should share tips and tricks how to win giveaway here on the blog, shouldn't she? ;)

The workshop started at 1 p.m. in Artotel, Thamrin. Before the workshop started, Tatyana showed us her artwork of Papercut. The photos above were just several artworks of her, Her artworks were super cool, right? Visit her Instagram and you will see many awesome Papercut artworks. But wait, we were not making like that. We learned from basic, guys.

Papercut is a new thing for us. Things we used to do using cutter was only straight line and helped by a ruler (failed art student :P). Each participant was given a kit. Inside the kits were pen cutter, A4 cutting mat, basic paper cutting, pen and paper.

Started from the basic, we cut the straight line, curved line, circle and dolphin. The paper used was 70gr A4 paper. It looked easy, but seriously, it was hard. Our straight line were not straight, and the dolphin was messy, lol. 

After we finished the basic, we were given challenge to cut our name. Oh my God! It was so much harder. The paper used was thicker than the basic one, if I'm not mistaken, it's watercolor paper. After 30 minutes, we finished our name. The result in the photos is so much better than the real one (please don't zoom the photos :")).

Last but not least, she gave us another challenge, greeting card. I got pattern and butterfly card, and Fili got the boy and girl silhouette and same butterfly as mine, but I forgot to capture hers (sorry, Fili :")) It took so much time to do it, and unfortunately, time was up, we must finish the card at home.

Group photo to finish up the workshop! Too bad, I brought 50mm lens and the room was not wide enough, so the photos should be captured from the side. Btw, I was wondering why this workshop was joined by 2 boys only? Is paper cutting too feminine for boys, LOL?

Well, It was a super valuable workshop. We learned a new art that we didn't learn at university. We would like to thank Tatyana for her patience to teach us a lot about Papercut. Also, Thanks to Monstore for conducting the workshop and also Manual for hosting the giveaway.



  1. Replies
    1. Hi Laili,

      Our papercut was so bad actually haha. Tatyana's artwork was super amazing, right? Go visit her IG and you'll find many amazing and cute papercut of her :)


  2. hai Fel and Yen, apa kabar, aku baru liat postingan ini pas lagi search diri sendiri ...(okeh agak narsis yaak guee..)

    but the way aku boleh copas ato minta artikel ini gak buat dokumentasi pribadi aja..
    so thank you so much lohh for this one...
    i am so appreciate...nice to know you and your friend

    warm regard.
    tatyana renatta

    1. Hi Tatyana! Maaf sekali aku baru cek comment-nya nih. Hihi, nggak apa kok sesekali agak narsis hehe.

      Boleh kok kak, silahkan artikelnya disimpan untuk dokumentasi. Karena kami juga bingung ngasihnya gimana, jadi copas aja nggak apa-apa, just don't forget to give the credits ya hehe.
      thank you kak tatyana! best of luck!