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Thursday, February 04, 2016

HAPPY 2016!

"Is it too late now to say sorry?"

That lyric just somehow popped up into my mind now that I am writing again, finally. Before I go on any further, I hope you guys accept our apology for being such an inconsistent blogger all this time. It seems like we keep on asking for an apology every beginning of the year. I looked back into the old post of 2015 and things were indeed crazy busy that time. We are in the middle of doing our thesis right now and things, actually is not that crazy hectic. It is just that we focus so much on our thesis and whatnot that we ended up not being able to update our blog. Huhuhu.

Anyhow, isn't it crazy how quickly the time flies? Like, I thought I have just celebrated New Year and now we are on the second month of 2016 already! Oh my God. Quoting from last year, "How is it 2016 already when we have not even finished writing the draft from our 2014's posts?" Lol, yes. I still have one story from 2014 that I have been wanting to post since 2015 but never seem to get posted. It was back when my hair was still long and fiery red. That red hair has long gone but me and my procrastination stay the same ((T__T))

Anyhow, talking about new year, still, I think we have to say it properly to you guys, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016! The previous year has been a very lucky year for me I must say and I am utterly grateful for that. If I have the time ((and motivation lol)), I will need to blog about what happened last year for the sake of memento though it might confuse or bore some of you haha. 

Our biggest goal for this year is obviously to graduate from university and take selfie on graduation day! haha. After that, maybe we will figure out what we will do in the future. Working, starting business, continuing study, or getting married maybe? lol, if only we have the potential partner. As for the blog, I think we say this all the time but yes, I hope that we can be more consistent with the posts in terms of quantity and the quality of the content too. As for me, I was thinking to add something more up close and personal about myself so we can share stories with each other and discuss the matters together. I really want to engage more with you guys and hopefully I do not fall behind the schedule this time.

Once again, have a wonderful year ahead, fellas!



  1. Happy new year too !
    hope you will graduated soon sissy <3

    1. Hello Laili! You too, have an amazing year ahead! ^^
      Also, thank you for the warm wish.