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Saturday, November 15, 2014

#IndoestriDay - Opening of The First Makerspace in Jakarta!

We are very thrilled to be able to share with you guys our experience in visiting Indoestri, the first makerspace in Jakarta. Before we go on any further, some of you might not be familiar with Indoestri, so let us find out what this place is actually.

Quoting from the website itself, here is what they said about Indoestri:
Indoestri is a melting pot of inspirational studio and well equipped shop. We are home to some of Jakarta's leading independent designers and small businesses. Also, with the SelfMade movement, they believe that we are all natural learners. Being a SelfMade means that we have through or in process of shaping ourselves with our own initiative. It's because we want to act on our passion, that's what makes us a SelfMade.

And also, about the Indoestri Day itself,
Indoestri Day is the opening of the first makerspace in Jakarta which was born under SelfMade spirit where we wants to introduce the basic process of making things by your own hands. A platform where we invite makers to showcase their products as well as doing a live demo so you can totally be inspired!

We got the chance to attend Indoestri Day exactly on the first day.  Fili registered herself as the volunteer of the event and luckily got chosen. Also, our friend Joan (on the right) won an invitation through Instagram for two so Yelny can also come and visit Indoestri.

So, as you get into Indoestri, you will be welcomed by the staffs and you will be taken for a tour around Indoestri. If you would like to visit the place by yourself, every one of you is still invited to visit us today on November 15th, 2014. But if you don't seem to have the time or the place might be too far for you, we are more than delighted to let you hop onto our virtual tour.

Here's what you will first find on the first floor. Those are the displays of the goods made by the makers as well as the result of the 101 classes hosted by Indoestri itself.

Across the display area, you will be seeing a meeting room/co-working space which is functioned as the registration room on the day. Beside that, the first floor is also home to some offices including Lima Watch, OWND, etc.

They also have a small yet comfortable studio that nowadays is used mostly for meeting up and classes. On other days, you might also use the space as a photography studio or other possible purposes.

Moving on to the second floor, it is the home to all the machines and materials used for making and assembling the stuffs. Many of the classes such as woodworking, metalworking and pottery class are held here. The place is very spacious and organized as the machines are categorized based on the materials. But since the place are designed for working with machine, it has no air con, so it is considerably hot.

Special on Indoestri Day, there are showcase from 13 makers and live demo held every hour. On the picture, you can see Leonard Theosabrata doing a live demo.

We also got to meet Herman Tantriady, the man behind Lima Watch. His collection is one of a kind and certainly worth the price.

Ayu Larasati may look young and cute in person, but seeing how serious and thorough she is in making the ceramic, we can't help but become more amazed with her talent. She also taught the pottery class for Indoestri (crossing finger that we can get to join one in the future ^^)

Some other showcases also include Layer -a printing company-, Danny Wicaksono -an architect and General Object

Here are some of the amazing works by Native and Thrive. We can see how much passion poured into one project. I can't imagine how long it will be for Thrive to create one motorbike.

As one of the partner, Thinking*Room also participated in the showcase, showing you how we can play with letters and 'reconstruct' them. Uh, the inner design student feels ;;

that was Fredy from Born Goods, handmade leather artisan. We had also captured some random stuffs around the second floor which sums up our tour on the second floor.

If you might be interested with the stuffs showcased by the makers, they also had a booth on the first floor where you can buy all those handmade goodness.

Now that you might be exhausted touring two floors of Indoestri, they also have a cafe located on the backside of the first floor. The cafe is a semi-outdoor place but worry not because the place is super duper cozy and have a good air circulation. The food served on the night is also very good (uhm, excuse me can I have more chicken wings? lol). The decoration is simply yet beautifully done with natural theme. I can't complain with all the beauty of greens and flowers.

Well, that's a wrap of the Indoestri Tour captured by our eyes (well lenses actually). We had lots of fun and inspiration in this creative space. Don't forget if you want to take a look at Indoestri by yourself, you can still visit the place today, November 15th 2014. You can check the schedule here.

And you might also say hi to this red-haired volunteer ^^ haha. See you there guys!

Yeey, cheers!

Jl. Lingkar Luar Barat No. 36
Jakarta Barat 11750
T: 021 - 541 5510

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