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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

[Versus] Three Buns, Senopati

Hello everyone! Today we shared with you our new feature called Versus! Well, according to Cambridge dictionary, Versus is used to compare two things or ideas, especially when you have to choose between them. Well, that is what we are going to do in our feature. We did or did not by chance visit one place and compare our experience there. 

On our first installment, we proudly present you Three Buns, a burger and cocktail restaurant located in Senopati, the area that is undoubtedly growing to become a high-end food paradise. While Fili visited the place back on April, when Three Buns have just opened for few weeks, Yelny visited it on September.

The first thing we noticed to be very different is the kind of services that we got. It's not that either of us experienced bad service there but it was the different treatment that we got. As you have seen in the picture, customer is supposed to order in the food truck. After that we will get a queue number, when it appears on the board, we should take our food on the counter then head to our seat. Well, that was what I experienced, as expected from a fast-food restaurant anyway. But for Yelny, since she went there during less crowded time, the waitress guided here to her seat, gave her the menu, helped her to order and delivered it right to her table.

There you can see the huge difference in the ambience. I went there when it was newly opened and also, on Saturday night, so I will leave it to your imagination on how crowded it was. When Yelny went there, the craze of newly-opened-store started to tone down. Also, she went there on Friday afternoon so it was not that crowded. 

One thing that we agreed about the place itself is that it is pretty comfortable. The restaurant has one and a half floor and pretty much a semi-indoor place. The natural light pours through the window and roof. Even if it is semi-indoor, it is not that hot because they have a good air circulation system.

Still talking about the place, you can see on the first floor that is the food truck where customer is supposed to order the food when it is more crowded. Also, on the next picture you can see the bar and a counter where you can pick the food. If you noticed, on the left side of the bottle shelf, there is a board with numbers there. When your food is ready to be picked up, the numbers there will light up, kinda reminds me of playing Bingo.

Well, and that's what we said about having good air circulation. They have enough fans and standing ACs to balance the hot temperature. The interior itself is pretty much dominated with natural wood color, giving a more comfortable feels. Customers can either sit in the kind of seat (on the picture) or regular chairs like what you saw on the first floor pictures.

Moving on to the food now! Woohoo. There are not much selection of the food here anyway. Their main star has to be the burger, definitely, with the mouthwatering patty. Other than that they also had a variety of side dishes and selection of drinks.

Now I apologize that I do not have any proper photo for the actual burger. It was taken at night when I have just bought my camera for a few days, so I hope you understand that I am still a newbie. haha. Anyway, I ordered Foor Floor burgers. Here is the explanation: double prime 100g beef patties, double cheese, triple onions, lettuce, pickles, ketchup and den miso mayo. How does it taste? Oh-so-delicious! It is actually a bit expensive for student like me, but since it is beef patty, well, I gave in. This burger will cost you IDR 125,000 but I think it is okay to spend more for one good dinner every once in a while ^^

This side dish is called Naughty Fries which is filled with spiced bearnaise, beef chili, crisp shallots, parmesan and sesame seeds. This extraordinary fries cost you IDR 55,000 per portion and both of us happen to order it on our visits. I like this fry because it is filled with beef and cheese as well which will be perfect for snacking. But Yelny doesn't like it, she loves it, especially because there are lots of crisp shallots which is rare to find in fries, in any fast-food restaurant. So, though it is a bit pricey, again, the price worth it. And also, Yelny assumed that the fries is made by mashing the potato, forming it into a solid dough then cut into strips. But it is only an assumption, okay?

Now about the drink, Yelny and her friends ordered Mexican Mule for IDR 95,000. It is none other than tequila with lime and ginger beer. This beverage anyway is kind of a hit-and-miss, neither of us is a fan of alcoholic beverage but it is okay to step out of comfort zone sometimes, right? For us, it is a bit weird, and Yelny doesn't like to have a ginger in her drink. So, I guess this is a matter of preference. If you like ginger and tequilla, this might suit your preference.

The next is Cappucino, one that Yelny ordered. She said that it tasted just like an ordinary cappucino. The bitter and sweet in a cup is all in all balanced. And it cost around IDR 35,000.

Well, with the different experience we had in Three Buns, we think that it will be fun to share more perspective that we had when we went to a same place. We are looking forward to post more Versus posts in the future and hopefully give you an insight. We believe that what I think as good is not always good for Yelny or vice versa. Everyone has the right to have the freedom of speech. Therefore, it is okay to have your own opinion.

Yeey, cheers!

Three Buns
Jl. Senopati Raya no. 90
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
T: 021 - 2930 7780

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