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Saturday, November 29, 2014

I Met Kim Soo Hyun!

...or at least that was what I wished. hahaha. On November 2nd 2014, I had lots of fun hanging out in Lotte Shopping Avenue, Kuningan. I had a plan with my good friend to go there and watch two shows in a row. One is the Korean Navy Performance and another is The Painters: Hero.

girls just have to do selfie. lol. As soon as we reached the mall, we can hear the sound of a marching band already. We walked to the main atrium where the Korean Navy was performing but quickly got distracted when we saw the corner to wear free hanbok ^^ we have always wanted to wear one, so we just can not miss this chance (and I just can not wait to wear the RED one!) hehe.

We pretty much do not need to change to wear the hanbok because it is worn as an outer piece. There is one dress with the long green skirt and transparent top. Then there is a long-sleeved yellow blouse and the red outer piece. We can quickly used them just on the spot and it was not troublesome at all. 

So we snapped some more pictures and some mirror selfie. I like the one in the middle where I was tying up my hair haha. My expression looks funny there. And so, after we felt that the pictures are enough, we put off the hanbok and got into the main atrium to catch the performances we left. As mentioned before, the first was a marching band that play some classic marching band songs. But while we snapped some pictures, they started to play several K-pop songs including Gee and Mister if I remember it correctly.

Next up was numbers of navy who were marching to showcase some certain formations. They all looked pretty cool with the navy uniform and the weapon they are holding. Also, they all move in a very precise motion, salute.

Then, these two guys showed up and showed us that navy is not all strict and stiff. They also knew how to pull off an entertainment. They first sang a song from Eru, "Black Glasses". This song has become pretty popular in Indonesia because it was used as a movie soundtrack. Also, Eru has been performing a lot in Indonesia these days. After the ballad songs, they swiftly put on their black glasses (lol, literally) and heated up the atmosphere with the song by G-Dragon, "Crooked". They happily moved around and asked the audience to cheer on the song. Their voice on the other hand is surprisingly good and the performance is very enjoyable.

They ended up the whole show with a Taekwondo performance. They first showed audience some moves including hitting up some wood plates. That looked very dangerous and the wood pieces were flying here and there I came to the point that I should rather hide my camera under the chair. Many of the taekwondo players are girls, and they are strong. After that they finished the taekwondo performance with a happy cutey dance and also their own cover of EXO's "Overdose". Imagine having your favorite song combined with Taekwondo. Now that is amazing.

There, I told you I met Kim Soo Hyun. I am not really a big fan of K-drama but I did watch him in "Man from Another Star" and he is too adorable to not be loved. Anyway, this sums up my experience watching the Korean Navy Performance, I am going to talk about the second show which is The Painters: Hero on a separate post. And I also have a little video about both shows that I am going to put on the next post. See you there, kay?

Cheers, filicia

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