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Friday, February 20, 2015

Planning a Budget-Friendly Picnic Party!

Looking through the 2015 calendar, we have seen that there are some long weekends happening throughout the months. As the rain doesn't fall down as much as it was, we figure out it will be fun to organize a picnic with some friends and catch up with life lately. What a perfect combination! But then, for some people, preparing an event can be very overwhelming or expensive. That's what we felt before too. But we brainstormed together and made a plan and ended up figuring out that it is super easy and affordable! 

That's why, we would like to share with you 5 tips on planning a picnic!

1. Pick an Outdoor Space and Check the Weather Forecast

On preparing any event, location is one of the most important thing on the list. When it comes to picnic, I suggest you to make it outdoor because hanging out under the sunlight gives you ten times energy boost. It is also very relaxing to spend some times in nature especially if you have always sit behind your laptop or books in an indoor space most of the time. You have to keep in mind as well about the entrance fee for the designated place. Is it free or do you need to pay? If you need to pay, would the place be worth it? Since we want to save some budget, we simply use our dormitory backyard and lay down an unused banner as our picnic place. Also, it is so important to check the weather beforehand! You don't want to be drenched in rain after preparing all the stuffs right? ;)

2. Invite Your Friends

Well, what is the point of organizing a picnic without anyone playing around with you? Now that you have picked the best place and time, regarding the weather forecast, it is time for you to invite some friends! You can easily text or chat them or you can try sending a handmade invitation card

3. Prepare Some Yummy Food

This part can be overwhelming if you prepare everything by yourself or from scratch. There are some things that you can do to prepare the big feast. One thing is you can do it potluck style, meaning that everyone who comes should bring something to share for the whole group. This way you do not need to prepare everything on your own. Another thing is you can buy the cooked meal or snacks and all you have to do is to heat it and adjust one or two stuffs and you are done. Of course, if you have extra time and money, you can prepare the food in advance and it must have been super fun as well. 

4. Plan Your Activities Ahead

Well, even though people who are coming to the picnic are all your friends, it is good to plan the activities ahead. Being a host of the picnic party, you do not want to make the picnic end up being too boring or too chaotic. Your rundown doesn't have to be super detailed. But it is good to determine what to do first, next and later on. Also, it is good to share the activity list to the guests so they would know what we are all going to do during the picnic. You can prepare some cards or board game just in case if things get a bit too dull later on. 

5. Prepare Your Essentials

We have covered the place and food and entertainment aspects on the picnic. But there are some things that you can not leave out as well. For bloggers like us, the essential things would be camera and tripod to take pictures. But in order to look good in pictures, we should also have a beautiful and bright skin. That's why, we bring Marina Body Essence as one of our essentials!

Being a good friend we are, of course we use this picnic opportunity to introduce Marina to our friends as well. Also, I believe it is natural that a girl wants to make herself look prettier day by day. The thing about Marina Body Essence is, it gives you a visibly ideal whiter looking skin without redarkening nor dullness. All you have to do is just to apply it regularly which is two times a day after you take a bath.

We said before about how sunlight gives us ten times energy boost, didn't we? Honestly, we were inspired by how Marina Body Essence has 10x white yogurt boost. Now that we think about it, maybe that is one of the key ingredients in making our skin looks whiter.  Also, Marina surprisingly has a very lovely smell. Sometimes we have this doubt with the product made in Indonesia, because the smell is not suited to our preference. But with Superfruit Acai Berry, the smell is very nice to the point I can't wait to put it on my body every time I finished showering.

Marina is also taking it to another level of goodness because the body essence has a nice texture. It is not oily, and it can be easily absorbed by our skin. It doesn't leave any sticky feeling to our skin and that's why we believe it will give our skin a nourishment boost.

Oh, and the best part of Marina for college student like us? It is super affordable! Sometimes when we are tight on budget, it can be a challenge for us to decide what to eat for the day, let alone buying beauty products. But with Marina, we can rest assured. It comes with the right size and right price yet tons of excellence. Also, you can easily find Marina Body Essence in any supermarket around you. 

It comes to the point where we do not know what is bad from Marina Body Essence. If there is anything we can complain for a little, there would only be the packaging design, but maybe that is because our inner design-student-feels tickles us. But really, we can't think of anything else beside the design of the packaging. It does not mean that it is bad, just that it is not very appealing and can get some redesign in the future ^^

Well, that concludes our 5 Tips on Planning a Budget-Friendly Picnic Party! If you may have noticed, we did have a certain theme on this party and many props from this party are DIY projects from recycled stuffs we can easily find around us (budget-friendly it is). We will be sharing those DIYs very very soon so stay tuned and let's get ready for a picnic! Yuhuuu!

Yeey, cheers!

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