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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Easter 2015!

Hello peeps! For the nth time, we would like to send you our deepest apology for not updating the blog. But since today is Easter, we hope that you guys would accept our apology. Haha, what an excuse, we know. The point is, HAPPY EASTER for everyone who celebrates it! I hope that Easter will give you lots of joy and happiness! Also, even if you do not celebrate it, hope you enjoy the long weekend!

Many many things have happened during this past month of course. We have just completed semester 8 ((out of 10)). It was a stressful but fun semester. There are two major subjects happening during that time, The first one is an entrepreneurship project in which both of us were in the same group. We have shared bits of pieces about the entre on Instagram and we were really hoping that we can share it with you guys here. Let's just hope that we are not getting lazy haha.

The other subject deals with portfolio, a very very crucial phase for ((aspiring)) designers like us. The portfolio showcased the result of our selected works during the past three years of university life. Also, it is something that will make us get the job. Or in our case, it is internship. Yes, this month we will be starting a new step in our life which is internship. For what the future holds for us, we still have no idea, but we have our finger-crossed and hope that this turning point will shape us to become a better and stronger person!

Now, how about you guys? Do you have something big await for you in the future? Let's share with us!

Yeey, cheers!

/Happy Easter picture is designed by Filicia for Candy After Dinner

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