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Saturday, July 18, 2015


HELLOOO! Long time no see! I didn't write any post for a long time, I was busy of my internship. It made us being miss to each other. I had so many stories to be share and so does fili. Btw, before I share about #CraftyAfterDinner, let me share about the story behind it. We planned to have a meeting in National Gallery of Indonesia since last month. We arrived there at 10 A.M. and walking around looking for the way to get in to the gallery, But, all galleries were closed until September due  to renovation. So, we were moving to Grand Indonesia to enjoy Jakarta Great Sale and be crafty.

Fili has remaining stitch-stuffs of her portfolio. So, we decided to do some craft using it. She tough me simple cross-stitch. We were begin with ♥ pattern .  

Our serious face while doing the stitch.

TADAAAA! Our (actually it's Fili's) DIY cross-stitch has done. Mine was unfinished and failed :(. 

Cut cut the ♥, stick it to kraft card (which can be found here), write some notes, and VOILA, new handmade greeting card has done (see another handmade greeting card here).


Taking some photos with our new handmade greeting card :) .

Anyway, say Hi! to Fili's new Oxford Shoes :) .

Finally, we made something productive between our hectic day and we are going to make another craft using #CraftyAfterDinner. Anw, Fili is joining a competition by Samsung Galaxy A. Please help vote for her in this three easy steps : 

1. Go to Galaxy Commenity's web and log in via Facebook or Twitter.

 2. Open Fili's account (click here) and like all the pictures on the page. 

3. Please help share this post too. After all, Sharing is Caring, right ? :D

Thank you very very much for helping and Happy Eid Al Fitri for those who celebrate :)


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