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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Intermezzo // 04 : Good Reads

Hello folks! We have met again yet in another weekend. But the thing is, it's July already! It means that we have already been halfway through 2015. Phew, it sure has been an interesting year! Anyway, in the end of my previous Intermezzo, I did mention that I have some good reads that I have been enjoying lately that I would like to share with you guys. Well, here it goes.

(image by VonWong Photography) 

Instead of doing the usual video and picture showing, I figure out that since this is about reading, I will put them on list instead and linked it to the respective site ((and especially since the reads I wanted to share are more than expected))

1. The image featured is actually taken from 2014 in Bali, but I have just found about it now. Anyhow, I love how Von Wong shared his stories through his blog and vlog as well. 

2. I found out about this super cute blog about Korea which sadly is in hiatus. I hope that she will blog again one day! Also, I have this furniture playset from this post! They are exactly the same though mine is bought in Indonesia

3. Last week, I have been all crazy reading about small-business branding and blogging through Elle & Co , Permanent Procrastination and Wonderlass. They all have interesting and useful tips that totally helps me.

4. Just found out about this amazing (!!) blog recently from Skunkboy's blogpost, Aww, Sam! Look at all those pretty colors and yummy donuts!

5. A very inspiring read that I have been slowly backtracking. I have had the similar idea before when I somehow stumbled upon this and enjoyed reading it as my inspiration.

6. Also, I have been super intrigued to try out freezer meal after spending many nights after work reading these blogs: Money Saving Mom, Life as Mom and basically googling and pinteresting about it. Oh, and still figuring out about this too. 

7. Local digital media has started to rise significantly, for example Manual. I think they are one of the best out there with nice web design and good photos.

8. Another one is Kanekin, which started out as a design studio and has now developed into so much more. Thank you for supporting local brands!

9. I have been a long time reader of Elle & Jess, but it's not until this recent post that makes me feel so connected with them. Thank you for being so brave to share something so personal through internet.

10. Last but not least, our newly launched Budget-Friendly Picnic Party series has now compiled into an e-magazine! You can read it online through issuu or download it here.

+ And also, congratulations Gani for winning Asia's Next Top Model cycle 3! #TeamIndonesia

That's it for today's Intermezzo. Phew, there are quite few reads, aren't they? Also, when it comes to reading online, usually it is always linked one to another. So I totally recommend you to do this on weekend or holiday. And speaking of holiday, Lebaran holiday is coming soon! Do you have any plans for vacation? Or do you have any good reads you would like to share?



  1. Great links you have here set up c:
    The Von Wong photography style is breathtaking!
    Xx Ice Pandora

    1. Whoop. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed the link as much as both Yelny and I did. And yes, Von Wong's photography is really really great.