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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jakarta Culinary Passport

Playing catch-up with the events worth reviewing yet I have not gotten the time to. This time around, it is a pop-up food bazaar held in the fifth floor of Grand Indonesia called 'Jakarta Culinary Passport'. 

Recently, there has been lots and lots of pop-up bazaars on weekends. I guess it has been the trend these days. The plus point is it opens up business opportunity for entrepreneurs. But the minus point is my wallet will end up crying lol. The tenants usually come from the online shops that we can only see in instagram on daily basis. So, it is fun to actually see them coming together and taste it on the spot.

Unlike the usual bazaars, this time around we have to pay IDR 10,000 in order to enter the venue. Nonetheless, as you can see, the place is still packed and many of the food stalls are filled with people queuing. 

Especially because I went there on Sunday night, there are lots of people looking for good food and drinks ((including me)). But then again, the place is not that big, so it is quite uncomfortable to walk here and there.

Now, talking about the food, my friend ordered this Churros ((which I have tried before during the Market & Museum - Surprise Kitchen)). I love Churros because they have similar dough and cooking process with donut. I also love the sugar and cinnamon sprinkles, yum!

I forgot on which stall did I buy this. But the bun is similar to bakpao, only this time they arrange it like sandwich. The meat is okay but the bun is too thick for my liking.

Got to be my favorite, this satay cost around IDR 30,000 if I am not mistaken. It is not an ordinary satay because it is fused with Arabian taste. There are other fusion too but I can barely remember except the Japanese one. 

And also, the infamous Puyo silky dessert drink. Refreshing obviously, but a little to sweet for my taste bud. The pudding though reminds me of egg pudding you can easily find in tea shop.

And also, never forget to take pictures of ourselves ^^ I went there with my brother and his friend and the sister who is the same age as me.

Cheers, filicia.

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