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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Where Have You Been?

Greetings from the two of us (and a blurry picture of Fili just for the sake of keeping it a surprise)

We are terribly sorry that we have been away for this past 2 weeks or so. New academic have year just started and we were both trying to adjust the university schedule with our life in general. Though it sounds very simple, it can be pretty challenging as we are fed up with the deadline of our projects and the responsibility we had as events' committee.

We are trying our best to arrange our schedule and hopefully to get back and post things regularly on the blog. We miss blogging so much! Really. And we have had plans for upcoming blog posts. So please wait for a little while and come back regularly to check our new posts ;)

Meanwhile, you may take a look at the decoration I planned with my decor team for the closing night of my university's student orientation. (hint: more pictures on instagram!)

Yeey, cheers!


  1. aw, you guys made a blog together! so exciting! i'll be sure to check out your posts regularly!

    1. graceeee, *hug* thank you for visiting! <3 we miss you so much!!! we will definitely check your blog as well.