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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Bazaar Art Jakarta

Harper's Bazaar is one of the prominent magazine in Indonesia. It proudly presents one of the biggest event which is annual celebrations of art, Bazaar Art Jakarta 2014. It was held on July 18-20, 2014 in Ritz Calton Ballroom, Pacific Palace.

When I was entering the Pacific Palace mall, I felt so WOW. I said "It's AWESOME!" to my sis again and again. Many great artworks displayed in the mall. It made me curios how many are the artwork in the ballroom. So, i went to the ballroom quickly.

The artworks in the ballroom are really great and artistic. Its come from many countries such as Indonesia, China, Singapore, Korea and many more. I spent 1,5 hours to walk around, and I still not satisfied as I only see 3/4 of all. And, I went there too late, some of the artworks have been stored. I won't talk too many, but I will share many photos.

Please note that I am NOT an art expert. I categorize the artworks based from my opinion.


(Click Play to see the action of the artwork)



Black And White



Painting and Illustration


3 Dimensional 

Interior Design



Forgive me, I can't explain the artworks one by one as I'm not an art expert and it will take a super long time to write and read. Also, i swear you will very bored to read my explanation haha. I hope those artworks could be your inspiration.
Yeey, Yelny!

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