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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Everything is Connected

Some months ago, when I still have plenty of time to write and do mail art, I took part in the project started by Rehana on her blog and on instagram as well. You can read the post about the project here. The postcard arrived to my place around last May and here is how it looked like at first.

(image via barnes&noble website)
I have always had a huge interest on books written by Keri Smith. But then up until now, I still have not got the chance to buy or try any. So, to be able to participate in one of the project is extremely fun.

Due to the very limited time, I did not do much for my postcard. All I did were just writing down my name and doodling pictures on it. Not creative at all, I know.

Anyway, here is the back side of the postcard. It seems like Rehana has mistaken my name ^^ Jalan means Street in English and it is actually part of the address.

And what is the instruction for this postcard? Well, this postcard works as an unofficial currency or money for me to buy and trade something to someone else. 

Well, guess who was I giving this postcard to? It is none other than Yelny! Haha. She was and probably is still confused what did I 'buy' from her. Let's say that I was buying the doughnut lesson that she taught me back then. Haha!

And the fun thing is that the postcard was actually posted on the day of her 20th birthday! Coincidence? 

Cheers, filicia.

P.S. Thanks Rehana for letting me to take part in the project. Sorry I didn't do that much on the postcard and it obviously took me forever to post about this. 

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