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Friday, August 15, 2014

Donut Day

I don't know why but when it comes to having treats, I always always crave for doughnuts. I love donut in any forms. I mean, why are you guys so good? 

Well, I knew that donut is one of the treat I can make by frying. I searched for the recipe on the internet and tried making one by myself. And I failed! Haha. So I convinced Yelny that she should teach me how to make donuts. And the surprising thing is, we can make it even in the dormitory!!! Yuhuuu!

It turns out that the ingredients are pretty simple! The recipe is adapted from Just Try & Taste blog with some changes. Please check out the original recipe here.

Easy Fried Doughnut
(for 20 small doughnuts)

-1 sachet of instant yeast mix with 40 ml warm water until the bubble shows up. Set aside
-200 ml of milk (we mix a sachet of vanilla powder milk with 200 ml hot water and let it cool)
-1 egg
-350 gr multi-purpose flour
-50 gr sugar
-35 gr butter
-pinch of salt (optional)
-oil for cooking

Step by step:
1. First, prepare a big bowl to mix the ingredients (because we do not have any big bowl, we use the rice-cooker bowl ^^) On the bowl you can put the yeast, milk, egg, butter, salt, sugar and HALF of the flour then mix all the ingredients until it forms a dough. Then, you can add another half of the flour and knead the dough until it becomes smooth. 

2. Here is how the dough would look like. We mix them first with spoon and then knead the dough with our hands. The process did not take too long, probably around 20 minutes? Then, cover the dough with cloth or plastic (we don't have any clean cloth in dormitory on that time). Let the dough rise for about one hour.

3. Ta-da! As you may see, after an hour, the dough rises to twice its original size. 

4. Then, we can start dividing the dough into smaller parts and make the doughnut shape like this. If you would like to, you can wait for another 30 minutes or an hour so that the doughnut will rise even bigger. But if you are just too hungry and can't wait, I guarantee you that's totally fine.

5. While you are forming the doughnut shape, it might be a little sticky to your hand, so you can add some flours to the dough or to your hand. Now, you can also start boiling the oil in the frying pan.

6. Once the oil is hot enough, put in the doughnut. Wait until the color of the bottom side turns into brown, then flip it. Also fry this side until the color turns into brown. Then set it aside. It is better to set it on the top of tissue paper to remove any excess oil.

7. Hooray! Here is how the doughnuts look like after they are all fried. Well, they might not be that photogenic, but we are pretty proud of what we have made. *high-five*

Now, they look prettier, don't they? Haha, you can top it with any toppings that you like. Be it cheese, chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, whatever you like. Fun fact is, we made the doughnut just one day before the National Doughnut Day in USA. And we didn't even know there is a National Doughnut Day! 

So guys, from now on you do not have to be worry whenever you crave for doughnut because, hey, you can make it yourself! And also, the actual process doesn't take a lot of time except when you wait until the dough risen (in which you can spend by watching one episode of your favorite K-drama lol). And it is super fun to cook with your friends too. So, what are you waiting for? Let's go make some doughnuts now! 

Yeey, cheers!

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