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Friday, August 29, 2014

Favorite Cooking Channel

Everybody loves food, don't you? I love food too. And, i love making food. Though i am not good enough, i'm excited to do it. I learn cooking from my mom, cooking show on tv and most from youtube. Well, I've watched many recipe tutorials on youtube, from Western to Japanese. I started to watch since 2012, and now it has become my favorite videos on youtube haha. SO, I'm going to share my favorite cooking channel that i subscribe and watch (almost) everyday.

1. Cooking With Dog 

Cooking with dog is my first favorite cooking channel. You guys might see a cute dog in every video. His name is Francis. But, keep calm, the dog will not bark or doing something messy. He calmly sits next to Japanese Chef  whose real name is disclosed, so, just call her Oba-chan (aunty in Japanese ). And, he narrates the recipes step by step in English. How cute! Cooking with dog is the first cooking channel i subscribed. I've watched almost all of the videos. I love the way when Oba-chan cooks. She cooks cleanly, simple and easy to learn. This channel has started since 2007 and now it has more than 100 videos now. Let's check this channel every week, because a new video was uploaded every Friday! 

2. Honeysuckle Catering

Honeysuckle Catering was made by Dzung, a Vietnamese girl who lives in California. I love her video concept. It's feminine with suitable backsounds. It makes me like watching a cooking TV show. She cooks cleanly, simple and easy to learn too. Btw, not only recipes, but she also makes some lifestyle video like party, picnic, gift ideas and many more. Honeysuckle Catering also has blog (click here to visit the blog) for those who are prefer blog than videos. 

3. Eugenie Kitchen 

Through the name, you must be know who made this channel. Yes, a Korean named Eugenie. She studied French cooking in Paris. I love her kitchen so much, it's all white, so beautiful, right? Eugenie kitchen has so many cakes, desserts and no bakes no oven dessert recipes. I like no bakes no oven dessert recipes from her as it's easier to do haha. Anyway, she shares her recipes on blog too (click here to visit the blog). Let's check her new video every Tuesday and Thursday.

4. Kitchen Tigress

As a Chinese-Indonesian who speaks Teochew (Chinese dialect) and eats Teochew Cuisine, it's really difficult to find Teochew Cuisine recipes on youtube, SO, i'm very happy found this channel. Kitchen Tigress made by Singaporean. The foods from the channel might be not familiar to you, but do not hesitate to try it, it's delicious! Anyway, this channel is a little bit unique because it has no narrator, and I'm a little difficult to download the video because the subtitle is only from youtube. But, don't worry, Kitchen Tigress also shares the recipes on blog (click here to visit the blog).

5. Ochikeron

Ochikeron is another Japanese Cooking Channel in my favorite list. It was made by a beautiful Japanese girl named Ochi . She makes cute cake and food, like hello kitty bento, pinguin onigiri and many more. And, i found many cute cooking stuff in the video, and it makes me asdfghj ><! Besides Japanese dish and cake, she also shares some vegetarian food. Anyway, i found another unique things from this channel,  Ochi dances Hula (Hawaiian Dance) and she uploads her hula dance in youtube. Enjoy Ochikeron's new video every Tuesday and Friday. Read her recipes and hula dancing in her blog too (click here to visit the blog).

6. Allrecipes

Thought I'm Asian, i like western food, such as pizza, pasta, steak and many more. Allrecipes is not only a youtube channel, but it's a digital food brand. It has many western food and beverage, from easy to difficult recipes. It also has Allrecipes Magazine, but unfortunately it's not free :(. Check the recipes from Allrecipes on the website (click here to visit the website)

7. Koki ku TV

I think KokiKu (My chef) TV is a very nice youtube channel for Indonesian as the chefs speak in Bahasa haha. It's easier to Indonesian to learn the recipes. Koki ku means My Chef. You might find many Indonesian food recipes, but Asian and Western food are also uploaded. Kokiku TV has nice website (click here to visit the website) which shares about recipes, news and tips.  

The foods look delicious, don't they?  Let's try to make these food in weekends or holiday. Anyway, I hope you are NOT watching this at night because it will make you dying haha. Sometimes, i try to make the food after I watched it, i will share my food in another post. Also, I will share more about foods.

Yeey, Yelny!

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