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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Flower Paper

We think that it is natural that girls tend to fancy flower. It also makes a great party decor. But sometimes, it can be hard to find fresh flowers especially around our campus area. Well, here comes DIY to the rescue! We can still put some pretty flowers and turns something plain into more pretty and cheerful.

Tools and Materials:
Scrap paper, Wood or plastic stick, Double tape, Scissor, Pen, Ribbon

1. Make a heart shape with longer part on the bottom. Then trace it on a paper.
2. After you have traced all the heart shapes, cut them one by one
3. To make it easier, you can fold your paper and the heart shape, stack them and cut them together. 
4. Put on double tape on the bottom part of the heart shape.
5. Put the heart shape on a circular way one by one so that it can cover the whole stick. 
6. For one flower, you will need 10-15 papers. If you put more paper it will give more blooming effect.
7. To decorate it, you can wrap the stick with a ribbon or extra scrap paper.

Yeey, cheers!

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