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Friday, April 10, 2015

Party Hat DIY

Party time calls for party hat! We mean like, when else can you wear silly hat if it is not on a special occasion like this?

Tools and Materials:
Thick scrap paper, Ribbon, Double tape, Scissor, Pen, Ruler, Math compass

1. Using a match compass, make a half circle on the thick scrap paper.
2. Cut the half circle.
3. Fold the half circle so that the bottom part will meet in the middle and the paper formed a cone shape then tape it together.
4. Put on double tape on the side of ribbon to decor the hat.

5. Decor the outer part of the hat with ribbon or stickers, you can customize it based on the personality of the birthday girl or boy.
6. On the bottom part of the hat, make a hole on one side and the opposite. You can make a hole using the pointed part of the compass or using paper punch.
7. Put a ribbon across the hole.
8. Make the ribbon long enough so that you can wrap it around your head.

Yeey, cheers.

/Thanks to Sandra who helped us as a model

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