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Friday, April 24, 2015

Wrap It Off!

Please excuse the pun for the title ^^ Now, we believe that a birthday will not be complete without a gift. Being DIY girls, we think that a thoughtful handmade gift is much more sweet and touching rather than a lavish one. In here we would like to show you how we wrap gifts in two ways.

Tools and Materials:
Scrap paper, Your choice of gift, Double tape, Scissor, Ribbon, Doily paper

Steps (for gift in box shape)
1. Take one piece of scrap paper and wrap it around your gift.
2. Fold the bottom and the top part of the paper inwardly, one side at a time so it will look like one in the picture.
3. Secure all side with double tape.
4. Wrap the front side with a doily paper.
5. Finish it with a tie of ribbon and a handwritten birthday wish.

For the gifts in cylinder shape, you can simply follow step 1 and 2. The difference is that on step 2, you just have to fold the bottom part. For the top part, you just gather the paper into one and tie it with a ribbon. Voila!

Now, makers gonna wrap wrap wrap~

Yeey, cheers!

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