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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Intermezzo // 01

I kind of made up this feature because I really wanted to share stuffs that I currently (or not actually that current) enjoy. Also, one day if I look back to these posts, I would want to remember how much I love a certain movie or song or other things.

Drama: Kill Me Heal Me

This drama is AMAAAAZING!!! This is one of a very few K-dramas that I follow during the airing date. Most of the time, I will wait until a drama has been completed and watch it only if my friend said it is good or if the drama has insanely great reviews on the internet. But this, hands down, (almost) my favorite K-drama ever! ((competing with A Gentleman's Dignity still)).

This romance-comedy drama tells a story about Cha Do-Hyun, a heir of very big and successful group in Korea who has seven personalities. He has a mental illness called DID or mostly known as multiple personality disorder. He then met a first year resident doctor called Oh Ri-jin. The introduction itself is very interesting, wait til you watch the drama, OMG, I am sure you will all be hooked. I especially praise Ji Sung acting highly. He is the one who playes as Cha Do-Hyun and all seven personalities and he successfully nailed it! All other actors also did a very amazing job and the writer too! I love how the story flows not too slow yet not too fast. It just feels right. And man, all the small details that turns out so important, and the plot twist. This drama is totally recommended!

And also, they have this very amazing soundtrack:

You have to watch the drama first, then listen to the song and read the lyrics translation ((all the feels)). This soundtrack complements the drama very, very well.

Movie : Furious 7

I honestly did not really follow Fast & Furious series but I did watch FF6 in a cable TV. The 7th installment, I think aside of being very epic, is very emotional since Brian here has become a father. I love how they highlight the value of being a family here. Also, the fact that Paul has sadly passed away, it becomes more heart-breaking. It saddens me how many times 'funeral' word is mentioned in the movie. The ending is very very beautifully shot, and I love every small details that symbolizes the sweet yet sad separation. 

Movie : Cinderella

Maybe, I should have not watch this trailer back in 2014. Or maybe I really should have. Visually speaking, this trailer is so beautiful. even if it is just a glass shoes! But all the sparkle and shine, I can not. So, I ended up watching it last March though. Unlike Maleficent, this time around there is no plot twist. The story is as classic as the Disney's version of Cinderella. What I love the most about Disney's live-action movies is their visual, they are so pretty and detailed! Anyway, back to Cinderella, when there is kindness, there is goodness. When there is goodness, there is magic. :) and another favorite saying, have courage and be kind.

Music : "Sniper" - SHINHWA

I have been listening to this song so many times lately, though this is not very current. But I really adore how after 17 years, SHINHWA is not losing their color. They have grown up and became mature throughout all these years, but they cleverly adjust with the situation nowadays and show that they are still in the game though they are much older than the singers these days. My favorite part got to be Junjin's rap, he is so cool!

Othe K-pop songs that I have been also enjoying lately including: "Flower" by XIA, like how can I not love Junsu's voice and song? "Ice Cream Cake" by Red Velvet. The girls are so adorable and the song is somehow addictive. "Call Me Baby" by EXO. Though I am not as much of a fan of EXO now. but I still love them and happy for the new album.

Music : "Lost Stars"

I first knew about this song from Roy Kim who is one of my favorite solo artist. I learned later that this song is an original soundtrack of the movie "Begin Again". The original version is sang by Adam Levine and Keira Knightley separately. I have not watched the movie yet but I am looking forward to watch it later since I love movie that involves song and music.

TVC : Cupidity by Cornetto

Again, this is not something current, but I have just watched the series this past week. Cornetto made an ad in forms of short movies for their Valentine campaign. I love it when brands make short movies for their campaign. Anyway, this was one of the four movies released in February 2013. Also, the most popular and heartwarming one. For other series, you may want to check out the playlist here. It is too bad they did not make other movies for 2015. Also, there is a title from the 2014's campaign that supposed to have part 2 but still left hanging up til now. 

Oh, bonus point, the music of all the movies are really good! The music fits the movie very well and they are very soothing.

TV Show : "Asia's Next Top  Model"

Aside of watching dramas, I love watching TV shows as well. This time it is the current season of Asia's Next Top Model. I love the previous cycle where Sheena became the winner ((I was rooting for her! yay)). Aside of AsNTM, I also enjoyed watching Masterchef ((and Masterchef Junior too!)) when it is on the run. But my all-time favorite has got to be, The Amazing Race! It really lives up to its name!

TV Show : "Asia's Got Talent"

Coincidentally, I have been watching Asia's talent show. This time it is Asia's Got Talent. It is just so entertaining to watch so many different and amazing talent competing together. The judges' reaction is also very funny as well! This is one of my very favorite act ((yes, they deserved that Golden Buzz!)). It is not only about the dance, but also the story! My other favorite act is TRIQSTAR and also rooting for Young Boys from Indonesia! But I did not manage to watch the whole audition episodes so I might have missed some other amazing acts. 

Whoop! It has been fun wrapping up some things that my eyes and my ears have been enjoying. It's been a while since I read so next time, I hope I will be sharing some of my favorite books. What are things that you currently enjoy? Share it with us to here!

Cheers, Filicia

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