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Monday, May 11, 2015

No Plates, No Worries!

Whooop! We are getting near to the end of the Budget-Friendly Picnic Party series. This will be the last DIY before we are getting into the food part. Since we will be serving food to the guests, the number of our plates and utilities can be limited. Especially for student who are living in dormitory like us. That’s why we made something that can substitute those plates.

Tools and Materials:
Scrap paper, Cardboard, Double tape or glue, Scissor, Ruler, Pen

1. Cut your cardboard and measure the corners so that it can be folded into the shape above.
2. Tear your scrap paper randomly using your hand and glue them on your cardboard tray.
3. You can vary the size depending on your available cardboard
4. Besides for serving food, you can put tissues on it.

Well, since this tray is basically made out of cardboard, you really can not put heavier or bigger food on it. Also, avoid putting the food directly on the tray. We strongly suggest you guys to put a piece of plastic or doily paper at first. Also, it is best to not put food that has lots of sauces or soups. But as you can see, it works well to put tidbits and light snacks ;)

Yeey, cheers!

/Thanks to Sandra who helped us as a model


  1. hei, mampir balik! :D

    seneng deh bisa nemu sesama blogger yang sama-sama multi-genre di satu platform. :'''')

    sekarang soalnya uda jarang banget ada blogger yang multi-genre, semua murni food blogger mulu sekarang kalo nggak fashion blogger mulu. dan baru kali ini nemu yang genre-nya banyak banget hehe. keep blogging, thanks for visiting. :)


    1. hi Ubi! Thanks ya udah mampir balik. hehe.

      i know right! memang jarang ada yang multi-genre ya sekarang. ada plus minusnya sih kalau multi genre begini ya. hehe.

      thanks for the encouragement bi, ditunggu juga postingan kamu selanjutnya ;)