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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

K-Poppin! : What A View

As I am typing down this blog post, I am still sitting on my office's desk behind my laptop screen waiting for the revision from my client for a file that has to be printed by tonight and placed on an event's booth by tomorrow morning while the copy has not even been agreed yet. Whoop, what a long sentence. Oh well, it has been a really long day, but thankfully the people here are fun and energizing.

With that said, I think it is nice to have an impromptu blog post every once in a while to, you know, celebrate the COMEBACK OF SHINEE!

Finally guys! Finally! First of all, the copy has been approved, lol. But most importantly, SHINee finally have their Korean comeback! I have not listened to the full album yet, but I know I can always rely on SHINee with their contemporary music style. Their previous album, "The Misconceptions of Me" and "The Misconception of You" are both amazing, especially that I was so lucky to watch some of the song performances live in SHINee World Concert III.

As for now, I have only watched the music video of "View", when I have time later, I will make sure to dig the fancams of other tracks from this song performed live in SWC IV in Seoul. Talking about the music video, just like other commentators on YouTube, I am so happy to see SHINee shooting an MV out of the box and actually with a concept ((and more than one girl, haha)). The story is actually interesting and it somehow depicts the other side of life as well as the transition from a boy into a man. Watching or should I say, growing up together with SHINee all these seven years, it feels like we have both matured together.

I am so, so proud of SHINee and will always be. I will make sure to talk more about the album once I have the time to listen carefully and write down my thoughts.


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