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Monday, May 18, 2015

Intermezzo // 02 : When Your Time is Limited

Yay! So I am back again with another intermezzo post! Previously I shared some entertaining stuffs that might take longer time to enjoy. Since that not everyone must have had that much time to refresh their mind, I round up some things I like to enjoy when I only had a short amount of time, like break in between my jobs or when I waited for buses.

WATCH : Music Covers

Well, by know, you might have already known about Kurt and Sam. They are amazingly talented in music and Sam's voice is beautiful. This song has been my favorite lately, I don't know if it is the lyric, the simple but sentimental piano instrumental background or the stunning voice or maybe all? They did some other amazing mash-ups and cover too. When I am bored, I usually type any song title that I have in mind and add the word 'cover' in YouTube's search box. That way, I found lots of interesting arrangements and wonderful voices.

READ : Blogs

(image via Humans of New York)

I first knew about this blog from Michelle who mentioned it on her blog, Seaweed Kisses. Later that day, I spent the whole night reading the past stories. I really do not need to explain anything about this blog, go to Humans of New York and experience the magic all by yourself. HONY is also on Facebook and people there are soooo amazing! Everyone is super encouraging and the comments either makes me feel so motivated and positive or a bit teary eyed. So much respect for HONY's creator, Brandon!

One other blog that I enjoy as well is Design Taxi. They rounded up fun and creative ideas all around the internet world. The only con is that compared to other sites, Design Taxi seems to be very laggy and so heavy to load.

PLAY : Mobile Games

Haha, I actually started playing mobile games again after doing my internship! My colleagues there totally influenced me ((and other interns lol)) to play this game called Best Fiends and everyone is competitive! By the time I typed this post, I am working on passing level 61. This game reminds me of Candy Crush, if you have ever played it. I actually played Candy Crush too before and link it to my facebook but when I use new phone and connected the game to my facebook, it starts all over from level 1 so I just quit playing it. 

Another game introduced in the office as well is called 1010! This one kinda reminds me of 2048, though it is totally different. If the game ever needs a tagline, I would strongly suggest "Survival of the Fittest". I can probably go mellow and talk about how 1010 is kind of a game that reminds how to become the part of community, you should be able to fit in, or else you will lose. Of course it is not about real life but I can't help and think of it like that. So far, these two games have been a good company while I impatiently wait for the buses to show up at the bus station.

UPDATE : On Your Favorite Artists

(image via SHINee on facebook)

I usually took fifteen to twenty minutes on a day to update on the recent Korean entertainment news ((yes, I love Kpop that much)). This way, I will not miss too much update if I chose to read the news only on my days off. Buuuut, seeing that my super ultimate favorite group, SHINee is having a comeback on May 18th and seventh year anniversary on May 25th, I do not think that twenty minutes is enough at all! And OMG, I am so hoping that SHINee will come for another concert in Indonesia!  

SHOP : Your Style

(image via Zalora)

Shopping in a physical store definitely take lots of time and energy, also, you can not really do it in between breaks. So, online shopping is really a great rescue, especially when there are things that you need to buy immediately. Being a fan of Asia's Next Top Model, this online shopping site is so familiar to me. It is none other than Zalora. They are one of the sponsor for the models and I love seeing their outfits on the show! I know that naturally girls will become greedy when it comes to shopping so to save your time ((and money too haha)), you can try searching for the product based on your style. For example, I have been looking for a nice basic top lately then I can just go to this page. And with the hot humid weather in Jakarta, I thought of pairing it up with hot pants which can be found here. But of course if you have extra time, you can just browse the whole site and be extra careful not to spend more than your budget! Haha.


Can we take a moment to appreciate just how amazing is the performance of El Gamma Penumbra? I have been rooting for them from the beginning of the show and felt so, so proud and happy that they became the first winner of Asia's Got Talent. Congratulations!

Well, that's a wrap! I hope these things will also become a good source of entertainment for you guys when you only have a limited time. I believe that it is always good to take a short break during your work especially if you feel stuck, unmotivated or basically so done with all your work. Hopefully these stuffs can be a breathe of fresh air and probably inspiration for whatever you are doing.

Yeey, cheers!

/This post is brought to you in collaboration with Zalora Indonesia

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