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Monday, August 18, 2014


Online reading is our favorite things to do. Blog and online magazine (besides social media :P)  are our favorite. Incidentally, this event was held by Indonesia's fashion and lifestyle online magazine,  

FIMELAFest 2014 was held in last May in Kota Kasablanka mall, Jakarta. They raised the #SUPERNOVA as the theme this year. It was held for 3 days with many programs such as Seminar, Beauty Class, Hijab Tutorial (Hijab is viel for muslims), Dance Competition, Fashion Show and  Fuchsia Market. Too bad, the schedule didn't match, so we didn't join any, except the Fuchsia Market.


We were surprised when visiting this market. It was the largest market we've ever been. We found so many tenants. Fashion, cosmetic, beauty product, craft and food are here. Walking around and visiting the tenants one by one as usual, but one thing that we forgot is TAKE THE PICTURES. Sorry if we can't share many pictures of the tenants, we were too enjoying the market :(

Btw, this event is in cooperation with many Indonesia companies, which there are So KLIN, The Executive, et cetera, COLORBOX, Solaria and many more.

Walking around and visiting almost all of tenants made us hungry. haha So, we bought Kelasi (left) and Karokun (right) to fill up our hungry tummy. Kelasi is coconut ice cream on coconut shell with some toppings on top. Cute, right ? And, Korakun is satay with sesame, seaweed and sauce on top. Let's eat! :9

Overall, the market was super nice. We hope for nice or even nicer event like this next year. Hopefully we can join some programs too. See you next year, FIMELAFest !

Cheers! Yeey!


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    1. iya nih, sepatu handmadenya lucu2 ><
      sebenarnya masih banyak yang lebih lucu, cuma lupa difoto :(