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Monday, August 04, 2014

Genji Pie Shoppe - Pondok Indah Mall

This time we are talking about a pop-up cafe that opened for a month or so during last April. Too bad we have not set up our blog yet during that time, but the experience we had there are worth to be documented and shared. 

We had been seeing the buzz about this unique cafe on internet and of course from Instagram. Also, Yelny is a big fan of Genji Pie. So together with some of our friends, we went to Pondok Indah Mall where the pop-up cafe is located. We arrived there at night because we had some things to be done before that. Turns out that the place was outdoor! Luckily it was not raining. Yay!

The place is so artsy and pretty inside out! As you may have seen in the first picture, that was the entrance of the little cafe. It is very small, but obviously so cute. The whole walls are decorated with illustration and they are all hand-painted! How cool is that!

That's the little corner where they displayed the food. 

Inside the pop-up cafe. It is so bright inside. Loving the black and white illustration with pops of color here and there.

Now let us talk about the food. Yeayyy. The top one is what I ordered. It is called 'This is Not A Martini'. It contained chocolate mousse if I am not mistaken. And the next one, I forgot what was the name, but it contained something like steamed cake. I can not remember the taste vividly (sorry!) because it was almost four months ago after all.

Fun twist for those who love savory treats rather than the sweet ones. This one reminded us of a burger. Lovely combination as well!

Also, exploring the outside of the cafe that is painted by Indonesian genius and creative artists! Major love.

How awesome are these!!! The walls were painted by 4 artists if I remember correctly. Also some artists took part in designing the merchandise for the shop.

Also, couldn't pass up this well-decorated stairs and floors that welcomed us from inside the mall. They were decorated with tapes. So colorful!

And a proper photo of two of us haha. Rumor has it that they will be opening another pop-up cafe in another place or maybe city. Well, finger-crossed, who knows that it is not just a rumor! We will be very happy to pay a visit to another Genji Pie Shoppe if the place is reachable and of course if we have the time. We had a really pleasant visit last April and we are both loving this unique pop-up cafe.

Yeey, cheers!


  1. Those walls are so nice and artistic! I wish they sold something like those as wallpaper. I would totally do up my house like that!

    1. Fyi, they sold some artistic stuff like note book, mug, plate etc as you can see in the picture number 3 :) Those illustration on the wall are nice as wallpaper, we will do up our house like that too (in the future) haha.

      Btw, we were visiting your blog. It's sooooo lovely and inspiring :3 , especially on the layout. Keep writing and sharing, michelle :)

      And, thanks for visiting and leaving comment on our blog. Hope you enjoy and stay tune for the next post :D

    2. Oops though this might be confusing, the one who commented on your blog before in 'Human of New York' was me Fili. My friend Yelny is a new reader of your blog ^^

      thanks so much for visiting us here Michelle! ^^