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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Emon Kitty Cafe - Tanjung Duren

Is there any of you guys who are a fan of Hello Kitty? If yes, then you might want to visit this cute cafe in Taman Daan Mogot, West Jakarta. The place is called Emon Kitty Cafe. Though there is the word 'Emon', we are not sure if it is derived from Doraemon or probably another word or name.

Anyway, this time Fili is the one who got to visit this newly opened cafe. So, here is my review guys! The location is pretty strategic especially if you hung out around Tanjung Duren frequently.

I went there at night, and the place really caught my eyes. It is so bright and so pink and a bit girly for boys but I still manage to drag my brother to visit this place ^^

The interior is uber cute! Even though I am not a fan of Hello Kitty, I love how they went all out in decorating not only the room but also the eating utensils, little bits and pieces, etc.

As for the food, honestly there are not so much variation there. Or maybe there is, but the menu has no picture so I am not that much attracted. And even though it is a cafe, they also served main dish.

Because we are meeting our friends in other place so my brother just ordered this Nasi Uduk. It is a fragrant rice cooked with pandan leaves and coconut milk. The rice is served with fried potato, stir-fry vermicelli, spicy potato and sweet soybean-cake (tempe), a typical Nasi Uduk combination. Taste-wise, it is good but just ordinary good, not so special. But the presentation is pretty cute though, see the rice is shaped into Hello Kitty head!

As for the beverage we just ordered Aloe Vera. It is again, just ordinary drink, but it is pretty refreshing. The drink cost around IDR 10,000. And sorry the picture end up focusing more on the cup rather than the drink itself >///, can't resist, too cute.

More and more pictures of the cutesy girly interior. And hey there is Doraemon.

A candid shot of my brother enjoying his Nasi Uduk ^^

And me being a bit narcissistic haha.


Emon Kitty Cafe
Jl. Taman Daan Mogot Raya no.33
West Jakarta

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