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Friday, August 08, 2014

Trial and Error


Have you guys seen our profile picture? What do you think ?  Haha, we don't talk about OOTD now. We talk about Canon EF 50mm Lens.  

Fili's friend was lending this lens, and we were so excited to try it for our profile picture. This lens is very suitable for outdoor photography. It can create perfect deep of field effect but unfortunately, we can't do zooming on the lens, so manual zoom (move forward and backward) is needed.  Also, the price is not very expensive for beginners like us.




We didn't decide any concept for this photo session. So we just did natural makeup and picked the outfits randomly. Fili brought her favorite doll and flower crown as property. Our dormitory area is the location for our first photo session. Though it was pretty hot, the heat of the sun didn't reduce our intentions to do this photo session haha.


Nobody helped us on that day. Everybody was busy. Thankfully, we were helped by tripod and self timer. Many photos are blurry because we used manual focus to shoot haha. Btw, sorry for our silly pose :P


Our photos turned out pretty nice and suitable for blog's layout. Also, thanks to Fili's friend for lending us this lens. Hopefully, we will do photo session like this in another time *finger-crossed*.

Yeyy, cheers ! 

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