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Saturday, August 02, 2014

Market Museum: Retro City

Hi guys, you might or might not have read our about page, but let us tell you something, we love to go to bazaars. A lot. One of the bazaars is none other than Market & Museum (which we love to shorten as MarMus haha). Market & Museum is one of the hippest and most popular pop-up market nowadays. Unfortunately for our first experience in Market & Museum, Fili is the only one who can attend the event. This time the theme is RETRO CITY.

I went there last April with my brother and our friends. The market is located on 5th floor of Grand Indonesia mall. It was really crowded as I went there on Saturday night. Most of the tenants are local fashion brand. I am still building up my interest towards fashion, but I do manage to grab a knitted sweater there. You will see me wearing it somewhere in the future post(s) haha.

Though I am not a big fashion fan, I surely am a big fan of cute things. Kya kya. There are some tenants offering home decor, party supplies and basically pretty stuffs that make me squeal.

Pretty party supplies that makes me go asdfghjkl it is like pinterest in real life.

And these pretty jars too and the bunny.

My dream home decor! hahaha.

The gorgeous LinoLuna and Kelly's Wrapping Paper are also here. Oh, and there are also some food tenants near the exit, but I didn't take any pictures because it was so so crowded.

I love visiting pop up markets like this, it feels like walking through your instagram but with your feet not just with your thumb haha. Seeing the crowd, I know Market & Museum really succeed on bringing this concept. Turns out that few weeks later they are hosting another market. Stay tune as we will talk about our visit to next Market & Museum.


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