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Monday, August 11, 2014

Handmade Movement 2014


Another event to share with you guys! Yay, it's Handmade Movement 2014. This event was actually a campaign event to support arts industry in Indonesia. It was held in May at Lotte Shopping Avenue (people usually call it as LOVE), Kuningan.

We went there on satnite, and lucky us, it wasn't very crowded and enjoy it freely. :))

Who loves scrapbook ? We do *raisebothhands*. We were so happy when we visited this tenant. They sell many cute scrapbook with the template, so we can easily put our photos on the template. My Scrapbook Idea also receives custom design from customers. If we are going to make the scrapbook by ourselves, they also sell the material from frame to the decoration. Unfortunately, we didn't capture any scrapbook because of  lighting and unfocused camera. :(

Super cute lights for decorating room.

Soft and comfortable pillows from Be My Bean.

 Creative and unique crafts from Indonesia Crafter.


Fashionable vintage handmade bags to wear.

Adorable designed books, photo books , posters and pillows from Shutter Book. Spotted The Beatles on some poster.

Pretty party supplies from Gudily. Read our another post talked about Gudily here.

And the last, obligatory tenants in every event, FOOD. We were having dinner before we visited the bazaar, so we didn't buy any food here. They all looked so yummy though.

Although the tenants were not many as the other event, but we were really enjoyed our visit. Encouragement and inspiration to make some crafts came to our mind after we visited this. We hope our college life doesn't prevent us to make some craft *oops*. So, stay tuned on the blog, who knows we will soon be sharing some craft posts or probably another interesting bazaar? ;)

Yeey, Cheers!

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